Bryston BDA-3.14

I’m doing research on Dacs with HDMI inputs as a counter to using receivers and expensive processors and preamps. And I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the Bryston BDA-3.14 and whether there is HDR (specifically Dolby Vision Pass through) enabled through the HDMI input.

Hmmm, I would send them an email but my guess is no, because it would cost them alot to license the tech from dolby and not many people would be after that feature for the market they are going for. But it could have it idk, this is just speculation, can’t confirm anything

I’ll have to email them. It seems only HDMI input 4 is HDCP 2.2 compliant which can do it according to the manual.
I think, the problem has less to do with whether it can process dolby vision so much as the signal feed is compliant to the standard to allow a fast enough data pass through to allow the Dolby Vision Metadata to run to the TV where it will then be processed.

Essence electrostatic’s HDACC II-4K says its compliant for dolby vision:

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I mean I see people use the essence boxes to then output to higher quality dacs, which can be an option

Yeah. I mean really the goal is to get an audio separator and HDMI switcher to expand the number of devices I can have running on the monitor I want (whenever that’s available again) But if it can serve as a quick audio output in a pinch on like a Region free bluray player and a nvidia shield that’s also great