BT 5.0 Circumaural Headset with Boom Mic for Calls in a Noisy Environment?

Robust circumaural Bluetooth headset with Active Noise Cancelling and a boom microphone capable of handling calls in a fairly loud data center environment needed.

Priority is that wearer can hear and be heard clearly and that noise be reduced sufficiently on the microphone to not trigger speaker recognition in voice apps. Bluetooth pairing and charging should be simple and reliable since there will be multiple users. Unit should be sufficiently robust to handle multiple users in hot and cold dry environment and be easily cleaned.

Budget flexible, but looking (well) below QC 35 II / WH1000XM3 cost.

Research so far suggests that a boom microphone will work better than CVC 8.0, so I am looking at the Avantree Aria Pro, while noting that boom-mic-less models such as the Mpow H19 or H20 [Upgraded 059] appear to be good value.

take a look at Logitech.

The Bose A20 will handle that, is very expensive though.

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Do you have a specific Logitech BT 5.0 ANC headphone with boom mic in mind? A name linked to a product page would be most useful.

The A20, like all aviation headsets, is certainly moire expensive than my given budget and is wired in addition to having Bluetooth. Since these two features are common to all aviation headsets with BT, I didn’t bother specifying that I am looking for a wireless unit.

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what about the options from Koss?

within that list you’ll see the SB40, SB42, SB45 and SB49.

Looks like there are no Bluetooth options.