BT DAC w/ Line-Out for edifier e25 luna eclipse

Moved my edifier e25 luna eclipse to the bedroom for mostly TV use.

Roku is hdmi out to old panasonic plasma. I got an hdmi splitter thing to grab audio and am using a topping mx3 on headphone/speaker out mode to run 3.5mm to the speakers. I do not care for the sound of the BT on the edifiers and so have gone to the mx3 to get that source. I don’t know if there’s line out per-se on the topping (there seems to be some evidence this works fine as preout the way i have it) and i am worried i would push too much out the 3.5 to the (powered) speakers.

At 30 (out of 100) volume on the mx3 requires edifiers to be max volume and they are still low. Am i in danger of damaging the speakers in this setup if i use the volume control from the mx3?

Requirements for replacement would be coax or optical in, bluetooth (hopefully ldac), remote and be in a similar price range as the mx3 (up to $169).

Incidentally, i A/Bed the mx3 with my loxjie a10 on my recently acquired jbl studio 530s and absolutely love the mx3 over the loxjie for powering those so that’s secondary consideration (i can move the mx3 over to the desk for the JBLs).

Options so far w/o BT (so add on a bt something or other from Fiio or something for $40?)
S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MK II

Options w/ BT
S.M.S.L SA300

Options w/ BT w/o remote
iFi Zen Blue

Options outside of price range:
Topping DX3 Pro
Topping D50s
S.M.S.L M200