BT for S9 phones, decent to real good?

Hey all, I need to purchase a couple dozen BT IEM’s for use w/ Samsung S9 phones. Maybe the phone type doesn’t make a difference just putting it out there.

I have certain limitations on whom I purchase from and how much the end cost is etc. No direct purchases from China or other Communist non-trade compliant countries, and I need at least quantity 24pcs if not 50, price dependent.

These are mainly for use to take calls while operating vehicles, heavy equipment, flying in noisy cargo holds, under extreme weather conditions, (ie fucking cold and damned hot…) and generally will be stepped on, ill cared for, lost often, dropped in toilets etc.

SO having said this, what are some options that will also play music nicely, at least set me in the right direction for my search please.

what about that Fiio adapter that just came back into stock at Amazon? they’re about $49 each?

Hmmm, interesting option i had not thought of, i may purchase a dozen of those to R&D.

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I really like the samnsung galaxy buds plus nice harman tuned most likely by AKG and TWS

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That’s a very good option, samsung buds, fits all my criteria, even better if they hold up to a little bit of abuse.

WOW, really hard to get anything in quantity via Amazon, we have mentioned. Why is getting 2 dozen decent earbuds so hard, gonna force me to look on the general internet and deal with tax exemptions, DUNNS numbers and company reps…Ugh

you should be able to order them directly off of Samsung’s website.

yeah, trying to get someone from their government relations side on the phone now…

do they have to be iem’s? trek titanium’s may work for your circumstance and they are hella rugged.

ive used these for a few years at work now and they have held up. 26$ish normal price, sale prices for 17$ couple times a year. good sound on them.

edit: if you do not like the ear hooks, they have ones without as well.

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I stopped caring about bluetooth headphones since they broke all the time and sounded terrible. I got the BTR5… love it. KZ ZS10 Pro and they’ll outlast anything you will buy.

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