BTR5 + IEM case?

So I’m rocking my BTR5 + Moondrop Starfield (or BLON 05) but I haven’t managed to find a small case that is reasonably sized and contains both comfortably (still connected would be Ideal).
Any recommendations?

p.s. The BTR5 is with the clip

ddhifi should have a nice leather one. May have to go to Ali Express to find it though. I can post a link when I have a moment.

From what iv’e seen its a case for the BTR5 only, its cool but not what im looking (Unless there another one im unawre of). Im looking for something to house both

This one I have been wanting to get.

Also, if you have a couple pairs of IEMs and want to keep them somewhere I got this on Amazon.

Take the pillows out of the above case and it’s really sharp.

Im looking for something on the go, less storage.

I love these…

For more luxurious storage, I love the Fiio case that comes with the FH7. You can buy it separately.

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