BTR5 Not playing Hi Def

BTR5 issue. Using an I phone 6S via Apple camera adapter, supplied BTR5 cable and plugged in IEM’s. Have Amazon HD service. When I first received BTR5 and hooked it up, WIRED totally, I was able to play at 192khz hi Res from my Amazon library. If disconnected, at all, the best was AAc or SBC codec via bluetooth. So, I always listened wired for BEST sound. Now all I can get wired or Bluetooth is AAC??? Changed the supplied BTR5 cable, and soon to get another Apple connector to rule the cable out. Have done all firmware and app related stuff. I have an integrated amp with a direct hook up for my phone and it plays Hi def up to 192khz when bit rate is supported by song. About 3 weeks ago we did an software upgrade from IOS 13 to 14 on the I phone??? Any help would be great Robert TN

You probably have? but if not have you check the Amazon audio streaming quality in the settings?

I have logged out several times and logged back in and made sure all setups are on HD/Ultra HD…Oddly
it usually keeps my setups but yesterday when I would go back to settings on Amazon music it all reverted back to standard…Then I change to HD… Still just getting AAC . Robert

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