Buck for best dynamic range


I am looking for balanced sound maybe v shaped with exceptional soundstage and imaging, that could do sub-bass. Mostly for movies and for that dynamic ranges.

My list are

Focal Elegia

Dt 990 premium 600 ohms

HarmonicDyne Zues

I am open for other models too


Definitively wouldn’t call the Elegia a V-shaped headphone. They can be really fun regarding what some people call “dynamics” since you can feel the slam and the transitions of sound. But the bass is much more quality and quantity. I can use mine to see movies and videos, but I enjoy them more for music.

Would also bet the DT990 is also not V-Shaped, from what I’ve heard from most people here. It’s more on the bright side of neutral than anything. But I don’t own one so I will defer to someone with hands-on experience.

Do you own other headphones? Which ones do you like? Which ones you heard and you didn’t like?

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My journey started 8 years ago with 598’s paired with fiio E12k, and then slowly with I basso D14.
And now I have K712pros and dt 770 80ohms, plus T50RP. Paired with ifi zen can and dac.

So just exploring and planning to wide up my aresanl
How did u start

I also own the K712 and I much more enjoy them with movies than the Elegias. It soundstage gives an impression of “grandness” I really enjoy. But frankly, I still prefer speakers more than the two for movies, so that’s more on personal taste than anything.

If you enjoy them, my first idea of getting a fun headphone with lots of soundstage and shaking bass would be converting your T50 to an Argon, if you can muster the wait. Never heard them, but from what I hear from other members they are darker, warmer, and with a stadium-sized soundstage.

My journey is technically much more recent, 2019 with Tin T2. Although I’ve been listening to music for all my life. Had an iPod nano in my teens, loved that thing. I used it until Apple began migrating everyone to their “ecosystem”, which I wasn’t a part of and had no money to be a part of. The K712 was my first “serious” headphone and is still one of my beloved, for reasons hard to explain. I’m still a novice though, and since I live outside the US/EU/UK is kind of hard to get gear, so I go more on a slower pace.


the 990 arent the greatest when it comes to sunbbass definitely has better extension than most open backs but a definite not recc. is a dynamic bass is the focus with decent soundstage. the ZEUs may actuallly be a better Idea and Imma throw the Nighthawk carbon into the mix as well

Hi wow
Same journey but little different pace,small world :smiley:.
Ya Argon’s will try. I also own T2, Kz 10 pros, blon 03 and 05.
T2 I like them but to soft and smooth for my taste, planning to sell it or give it to my friend.
Thinking to buy aune x8 magic dac, looks like it’s 1of a kind.
Anyways thanks for sharing :relieved:.

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does any one use dt series anymore and if u guys do what do u use it for that makes it so good.