Budget 2.1 System with Fosi Audio

I was thinking about making a budget set up using a pair of Micca RB24 and the Fosi Audio DA2120C. I’ve heard great things about the RB42’s, but very little about the DA2120C. I already have a cheapo Fosi amp, which is decent, but the DA2120C is 3x the price. Anybody have experience with it? Are there any alternatives I should look into? I need to hook up a turntable, CD player, and AUX.

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I have some cheaper small amps like that powering speakers in my Basement Gym and Garage. I think the issue you’ll run into is most small cheaper options don’t have the inputs you need. I think you’ll be paying $150 +/- a bit to get the options you want. I use a cheap FOSI for bluetooth in the Garage and SMSL for the basement. Both work and haven’t been an issue.