Budget amp with a sub output?

What is a good budget amp with a sub out?

SMSL AD18 or possibly smsl a2

You could always look for a refurbished av receiver and find one for pretty cheap

Edit: or if you wanted a new receiver you could consider the Onkyo TX-8220

If you don’t have a sub and already have an amp, you could always get a sub with speaker level inputs and use whatever amp you want

its for a friend he ot a kanto yu2 as well as a sub 8 both active so i dont know what to do

Why would he need an amp for the yu2 then? I think it even has a sub out. He would just run the sub out of the yu2 to the sub 8

ah i see i ddidnt knw that . I knew i wouldnt need an amp I just didnt know the u2 had a sub out

yeah, I would assume you just need a y subwoofer cable

You guys think this is a good deal? Lookin to upgrade my Loxije wedge amp - want more input options (phono) and a sub out.
Speakers are RP600Ms

I think so yeah. It will definitely have more features