Budget Atmos - $1000 All Micca 5.2.2 Atmos system

Fixing to happen this Weekend. Receiver being Delivered Tomorrow…

3 ea. - Micca MB42XC for R /C /L @ $69.95 / $209.85


1 pr. MB42X for Surrounds @ $79.95


2ea. Micca MS10 subs @ $149.95 ea. (No Longer available) / $299.90

2 ea. Micca M-6C in ceiling @ $34.99 ea / $69.98


1 - Refurb Denon AVR-X2500H @ $329


= $988 ------plus about $220 in Speaker Cables, Speaker wall brackets, CL2 Wire, wall plates, banana plugs and HDMIs (could have been Less but I got Braided Banana Plug speaker cables for R/C/L and 4 to wall plate, braided sub cables and banana plug wall plates)

so $1200 if counting that Stuff - Plus Tax…


I’m Pretty Excited - Except for the fishing wire thru the wall and across the Attic Part… That’s Gonna SUCK…

Been running 5.1 with Miccas on Samsung BluRay HTIB for a cpl months, added 2nd sub a few weeks ago.

I considered hanging another set of MB42Xs from ceiling turned sideways and running reg speaker wire up the corners and down the edge where wall and ceiling meet- but decided to do in ceiling…


Well very curious to see how it pans out! Good luck, and may you fish it through the wall on the 1st try


Pretty good budget and gear selection for 1000$ Atmos set.
Hope it turns out great.


Got ceiling speakers in and wire ran to them to rear surrounds. Gotta get wall plates wired and installed and receiver wired up still tomorrow. Should be able to run setup/Audyssey tomorrow…

Increased level for r/c/l and it’s Better…

Just Watched Wonder Woman on BluRay with Atmos Soundtrack - I’m Digging It.!






Hooked up a Old Sony 5 CD changer to it and played some Tunes today - Sounds GOOD.

Adjusted speaker Levels and crossover points.

Watched “Pacific Rim Uprising” on BluRay with Atmos Soundtrack tonite. Movies Pretty Good -if you like the Transformer Movies. Soundtrack is BadAss with Atmos.!

Maybe I need My Ears Calibrated But this Sytem Sounds GOOD.!! Last Weekend and Today I watched All of the UnderWorlds on BluRay - BadAss.! Then I Just watched John Wick 3 on 4k BluRay - More BadAssness…

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nice, wished I didn’t live in an apartment so I could cut holes in my ceiling.

Hang these from the ceiling or at top of wall

Any chance you could just upload these to the forum naitively? You can just copy past or click and drag. It’s a PITA to click on each one.