Budget Bluetooth speaker recommendation?

To explain what I am looking for and where it’s going to be setup. In my work area, we make use of a decent soundbar bluetooth speaker. However, it’s shared and a lot of other workers will come and grab it from the area for use leaving us without music. I need a solid loud budget bluetooth soundbar or speaker to make use of for work. Ideally I would like it to be $100 or less but I can swing $150 if its good enough. Was considering a JBL brand or something but I am at a loss as I am not knowledgable in this area. I did look around the forums a bit but this is definitely a bit of a different case for a speaker lol.

Can’t go wrong with JBL bluetooth stuff.


I do like them but in my area they tend not to be loud enough at the price point. So i wanted to make this to see if anyone knew of a solid recommendation instead that would be louder and still clear within a price point

I was going to recommend Audio Pro T3, but it’s 250$ I think, I’ve seen it go on sale in Europe for 150 euros tho. It’s loud, highs are clear and has bass.

I should add that this particular speaker is guaranteed to get a little jacked up. It definitely has to be pretty durable. I work as a painter for a military line. Paint fumes and splatter are not uncommon… while it hasnt destroyed the soundbar and its been over 2 years its still possible of some speakers to really get jacked up. Hence I said around the $100 margin.

Maybe look into gear like the DeWalt Jobsite Radios or Milwaukee Speakers

From my experience with those… most of those really arent that good either issues just in general with them breaking getting blown bad charging or just arent loud enough. They make fantastic tools that’s for sure I love my milwaukee drills and what not but speakers ehhh not so much.

What kinda work area do you work in? Is it more like a construction site, a warehouse, or…?

My particular work area is pretty open as it’s more of a big ass hallway but enclosed with a curtain and door probably around 75 feet long or so and 40 foot wide or so. Sound doesn’t carry all that well if the sandblasters are going nearby as it’s incredibly loud towards the end of the working room. Think of our area as a big rectangle with a big garage style door to move the product out of the paint area. Technically were a factory without an assembly line.

There are few similar models (link) that should be loud BUT there is a correlation from after a point, more loudness needs more money. In portable or not portable models.
Something like this pretty much is how loud you can go with the shape / type.

There are really really loud BT speakers but they do cost also. Low manufacturing amounts and low sales. Maybe something in the used market could also help with the loudest ones?

BoomBox types and similar ones is the next step. Bigger size, more volume.

Extreme option is BT PA-System / speaker. There are few in budget range but don’t know how loud, loud anyways but…
They usually need power cable connection but loudness is there. Really really loud is possible, for xxx of moneys. Going in the +120db range. Extreme option example.

if you want stereo

edit: i work in a factory and treble is optional, treble is the first thing to get drowned out, so i never worry about how good the treble end is. its more about bass and mids, those can actually be heard more then a few feet away.

we have a few peeps with jbl’s n such, but in a factory setting they are more or less personal speakers. we have quite a few that use random cheap party speaker X. they all get loud enough and sound plenty good enough for a factory setting.

if you have stop n go’s, check them. they usually have party speakers for less then 50$ with big woofers that get loud and work well in factories.

Alright, thanks for the recommendations I will take a look. They don’t really have any good audio stores in my general area outside of a 2 hour drive. Though with the virus going around those places are closed.