Budget BT over the ear for elderly Dad to fall asleep in

I’m looking for a pair of over the ear Bluetooth headphones for my 80 year old Dad to wear while he falls asleep. He’s been advised be a few doctors to try some light/ambient music to help with his insomnia.

I was initially attracted to the JBL Tune 710 BT that DMS had a video on roughly a year ago. However, since the idea is for my Dad to wear these while falling asleep, comfort is probably going to be more important for him than a typical user and it kind of seems like the JBLs may be lacking in that department.

As for sound quality, something more aligned to neutral is a preference but definitely not a priority here. Just nothing too grossly V shaped or otherwise “consumer colored”. AAC support is fine, LDAC a bonus. Definitely no reliance on just SBC. Since this is for use at night in the house, ANC is more or less irrelevant.

As for budget, this is an experiment so I don’t want to throw a whole lot at it from the outset. The $79 of the JBLs was just about perfect but I’d be willing to go up to $125-150 if that got something better suited.

So overall I guess you could say I’m basically looking for the equivalent of those JBL Tune 710s but just a bit more comfortable and a bit bigger so they’re actually over the ear.

It might be an odd choice but Maybe try a KSC35 Wireless or a Porta Pro Wireless
My dad went on a trip recently and was looking for a headphone for his flight (My dad is in his 80s) after trying a few of my sets, he didnt like most of of my headphones he said they felt “too bulky” and wasnt into iems, but i gave him a set of KPH30Is and he really liked them, took them on - of course i pad swaped them but still the design and the overall comoft really worked for maybe because it was a “old school design”

The Koss are a good consideration purely from the comfort perspective, but I really have my doubts for the intended “falling alseep in” application where durability is concerned.

Additionally, there’s the factor of potentially waking up at stupid-o-clock and taking them off. Any dangly bits…however minimal they may be with the Koss…could be an obstacle to just taking them off and setting them down anywhere in any manner while still half asleep.

The wireless versions are not that bad but its a personal thing. Worst case scenrio if your dad doesnt like them you got yourself a solid Koss headphone :smiley:

A belated update on this. I snagged the Sennheiser Momentum 4 after seeing them on sale for $262. I still have to speak with my Dad about the issues below, but I will most likely be returning the headphones.

1) The stock pads on the M4s restult in them being quite hot after a relatively short period of wearing them. I already stretched the budget with these headphones and I can’t justify spending another $60 to get some plausibly comfortable Dekoni replacement pads.

2) Like the common complaint about the Sony XMs, the Momentum 4’s have touch interface “acknowledgement” sounds. With the M4s, those sounds can be disabled but not without also disabling voice notices. Your choices are completely silent, tones, or tones and voice. There’s no voice-only option. So if you want to disable the “blips” every time you touch the headphone, then you also have have to lose the voice notices for low battery, Bluetooth connection info, max volume, and so forth.

3) If you have on-head detection enabled, part of that functionality is to automatically send a play command when you put the M4s on your head. This is either a minor annoyance or a non-issue for people who would pair the M4 only to their phone. If you pair the M4 to a second device, however, then the music on your phone is going to start playing and require you to manually stop it from that device before you can listen to audio from your second paired device.

It’s not a huge deal to simply turn off the on-head detection feature. For my Dad’s use case and myself though, it’s kind of a straw/camel/back situtation when combined with the two items above.