Budget center for current set up

Hi so i was looking for a center to go with a HT set up. I currently have a yamaha rx v585, jamo s 807s that I got in a deal, SO was looking at possible centers to go with them, I will add a sub first ( already got some recommendations from other post) but was wondering any recommended center channels that are around the 100-200 range I was looking at the klipsch rc 42II center or the Klipsch R-25C (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LMFYRIS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A334SLXUWNHM0D&psc=1) since jamo s 81 and 83 are out of stock at the sale prices where they are sub 100. as for asthetic, walnut or black would be preferred since my jamo are walnut color, Thanks for the advice

You could go with RB42C but TBH you really should be looking for something like a RP600C at the minimum.

Right now EBay has a couple of used S83 centers for sale under $100 with free shipping. At least one of the sellers is Adorama. If you’re OK with used I’d recommend jumping on that quickly.

I would suggest for you to buy a center from the same line and model as your L/R for timbre matching. It will sound weird if you ever have voices/effects that span from one side to another.

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I would personally wait until they are available on sale or save some more and buy new.

normally I dont mind used but some of the description was giving me pause and now someone already picked it up while i went to run errands. Generally I dont mind used except if the item has gone for less on sale or at least very close, then I would rather wait for sale again for the warranty.

I did not think of timbre matching at all so will probably wait for a s81 or 83 then.

Not really sure timber :upside_down_face: matching that big a deal if you go with the best center you can afford. Im with the center is the most important if you use it in a HT camp. When you go with a center the mix is mostly coming out it (depending how aggressive the sound guy went at the studio). You got those 807s maybe try the C9II. But still say go with a RP600 or RP504

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It really comes down to preference. Some are picky, some are not. I’ve seen some setups that people mix and matched and had a horn-loaded L/R, but different center. It ended up sound weird when there were a lot of sound pans.

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Running a center sounds like im getting better separation and panning. Maybe because im running .2 subs in the front its masking spending more on the center than L/R. Personally wound not go with anything below RPs for a center, picked up those lines in bookshelves (R-51, RP600). Maybe very least go with RP500s.

That usually is the case with different speakers if you are listening or paying attention on sounds. Specially in surround sounded / music scenes where the same jingle or when same music moves / comes from different speakers. Overall sound changes pretty much if they aren’t similar / close to same series speakers.
In direct comparison of course the tweeter and mid-range will also sound different, even when listening to talking. Like using ribbon tweeter in some and dome tweeter in other, it will sound weird.
I mean you don’t see a lot of headphone listeners using light velour pad on other side and thick sheepskin on other, or even complete different drivers and call it a day.

If someone just wants some surround sound for the movie experience and does not care how it sounds, mix and match as much you like.

Dont really notice using a RB42C paired with RP600ms and dual subs during scenes with musical score. Might be the L/R/ .2 are overpowering the small center hiding the difference im timbre. Think you can get away with RB42c, save for a more capable center with an additional RB42c and move the RB42C’s to the rear.