Budget "clarity" IEM

Yep, that’s the method I used too :sweat_smile:

As for graphs, the aria is approx 3dB louder on bass. But I guess that combines with the higher and spikier treble spikes, it makes quite a difference

I’m not sure it’s the aria, though

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I decided to resurrect the Heartmiror (original) and blow off the dust. I watched a mod tutorial by Akros on Youtube where he installed Y4 paper filters (self-adhesive applied) to the vent ports nearest the base of the nozzle on each (R/L) IEM housing. It balances the bright nature of this IEM and brings out an exquisite bass. Frankly, this simple mod is a game changer, imho. The IEM has an very nice design/build and its relatively small size makes for a relatively perfect fitment in my ears. Completely changed my perception of this gem.

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Modding the Heartmiror was a thing a few years back. Today there are lots that do a similar mod to the EA500, and the LM. It they both have good drivers, but were tuned a bit bright for most.