Budget Closed back headphone Recommendation

Hi, i’m looking for budget closed back headphone (wired), list i’m curious to buy is sennheiser hd 4.30/hd400s , samson sr950, monoprice modern retro, superlux hd669/hd660/hd660 pro/hd330/hd662 evo/hd662b/hd671/or hd685 foldable, takstar pro 82, or any isk hp? Please recommended? Also can for other brand thats i mentioned above about at this price range, my budget is under 100 usd. Thank you!

For under a c-note?

It may be possible to score an audio techno a ATH-M40X either used or refurbished. If you can fit that in your budget, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Price to performance ratio is really really sweet at the lower end. I was very happy with mine for years before the upgrade bug bit me hard enough to make me swallow the price for a noticeable improvement.

Creative aurvana live! + this pads:

Best thing I’ve found under like $200, except for hifiman’s stuff but those are open and need an amp.

inb4 you get them recommended I did try the k371 and returned them in like an hour, super underwhelming imo.

AKG K361 are better than anything on your list. If you can find $2 in your couch cushions, they’re $102 on Amazon: