Budget closed back replacement for M40x


I bought my M40x after seeing Zeos review a lot of years ago and had been serving me well all these years, but after so much use, the headband is in pretty rough shape, so I’m looking for a replacement

I’ve used the M40x with the original pads, with the cheap shure replacement (that not fit very well and I lost one after a while) and with the Brainwavz angled pads (comfy and good base, but kinda of shouty)

What I’m looking for :

  • Around 100 bucks, will be using them in the street, so I don’t want anything too pricey
  • Closed back, again, will be used in the street (maybe IEMs?)
  • Easy to drive, will use it primarily with my phone
  • Replaceable cable


I used the M40x a lot these years and quite like them, so I’m looking something similar, clear mid and highs, don’t care too much for bass


If it’s headphones, I’ll recommend AKG K361. Sound is amazing for the price, at about $100. Easy to drive, able to use with just phone and it’s foldable for portable. I don’t have any IEMs to recommend since the few IEMs I own are either above your budget or requires DAP to drive them.

For that price I’d really look for IEM’s.

If you are looking for headphones a new pair of M40’s :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve heard mixed opinions on the DT770 which are a little north of 100. I porsonally do like them though.
Otherwise Sivga SV003 might be worth looking into. We’re also awaiting the new SV021 but those will come in at 150.

Again. I’d go IEM. So much good can be had for 100$

The idea is to get something new instead of another M40x, that’s why I’m making a thread and bothering people haha

I saw the video from Joshua Valour about the K361 and he said that the highs are not very good in that headphone and I’m looking for something with good clarity in the mids and highs, but gonna read some more reviews about them, thanks!

DT770. SV003. SV021.

Or the better solution. IEM’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any IEM in that range to recommend?

I’m really loving my FH3’s atm.
Super easy to drive, nice slightly bassy sound, excellent build, kinda shitty cable.

Other than that my IEM collection is a little below that price point. Though i’ve heard many good things about the Aria’s and am very tempted to try a pair!

I have this and it does sound very much like M40x and better built. On the other hand, I have my eyes on 1More “Trident” Triple Driver Over-ear for the good portability and unique driver combo

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those yamaha looks like they were made from the same molds as the M40x haha

So, after the online sell-and-buy site that I use to buy stuff implemented a free 30 day return policy I could test the K361 and the MT5 (in white even, looks pretty good)

The K361 I could describe in one word, boring really, they sound very lifeless (this is what “reference” is all about) I really did not like the sound of them, so I returned them

In the other hand, the MT5, gonna quote Zeos here, “holy fuck”, they sound great (in comparison to the K361 and the M40x with angled pads), the highs are very detailed, I heard some reverb in some tracks that I never heard and it’s amazing, the bass had a nice kick but is not muddy at all, the mids are not shouty like the M40x with angled pads (sounds like a horn loaded speaker)

So I will keep the MT5 and gonna see Zeos review again for the pad swap, the stock ones are kinda of small and skinny

Edit : I tested both with my cell phone (Poco F2 Pro), Spotify premium and some flac files as a source, would not make sense to test them with a big amp if my use case is street use


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