Budget DAC/AMP or AMP for Jamo S803 speakers

Do you know what I can pair with my Jamo S803 speakers? Something that is not really expensive around 300$.

Do I also need a DAC or an AMP it’s enough?

I’m quite new to this, so please don’t judge if I sound stupid. :slight_smile:

An all in one unit like a smsl ad18 has lots of features and sounds good.

You could get a topping pa3 and topping d10 for a stack that I think would be better then the smsl. You could even swap the d10 out for the topping dx3 pro and have a built in headphone amp in the dac.

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Topping MX3 is Dac/Amp/Headphone Amp with Bluetooth.

I didn’t like the amp portion for the mx3. It didn’t sound very clean, and measures poorly

Edit: I think you would run into the same distortion problem with this unit

I was just reading that the power handling of the speakers is 80W / 160W, but the majority of DAC/AMP combos is around 40 - 50wpc. Am I looking at this wrong? People are saying that the AMP should have ALWAYS more power than what the speaker actually need.

By power handling, I’m going to assume that would refer to peak power, and in that case, no, because the peak power is how much it can take before having extreme anomalies or destroying itself. Most speakers at nearfield, if their fairly efficient, will really only need a few watts to get to listenable levels. The extra power comes in when there is a really loud noise the speaker has to produce, or if you crank it past normal volume levels for a party or movie or whatnot. If you look at the sensitivity of your jamos (87dB) it will produce 87db of sound using one watt measured from one meter away. This isn’t the most efficient speaker, but it’s good enough. It’s also rated at 8 ohms, so if you take the topping pa3 for example, it can output rms (constant) 70 watts at 8 ohms, plenty for your jamos. Now if you ever actually reached into that, the distortion in the amp would go way up, but you would definitely be damaging your hearing quite substantially at that level.

So you will definitely be fine with this amp. I would say you would want at least 30 watts RMS (constant) for your speakers, and in the 50+ watt range you should have no problem driving them. You would only reach into the 60 watt and above if you were trying to fill a very large room with sound at louder then normal levels

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