Budget Dac/Amp stack for akg k7xx

First of all I am pretty new to audiophile headphones. So I am looking for some advice/info.

I bought the akg k7xx recently and I am wondering if a amp/dac stack improves sound quality a lot and if so what are some good budget choices. (max 300 euro’s).
I have been looking a the jds atom and the topping d50. Because these are solid budget options and they stack pretty nice. My worries are that the akg k7xx aren’t that hard to drive. After my calculations I only need 51 mW at 62 omhs and the jds labs deliver way more. Is this a problem?

Some info about me: I use my k7xx for listening to music (mostly metal, prog-stuff and a lot more). I also game with them, I am a filthy casual gamer as Z-reviews calls it.

Thanks for the help.

So you would be getting the dac and amp for an upgrade in sound quality more than volume imo. I personally wouldn’t get the d50s as imo it’s pretty overkill, perhaps consider the d10 or the e30 imo

And if I am using a amp like the atom, the only thing it will do is making it louder than necessary?

It will improve other aspects of the headphones like control, impact, detail, dynamic range, etc. I do think it’s worthwhile, but I don’t think you would want to spend more on the stack than you did on the headphones