Budget desktop speakers

Rn as is i have a pair of bose companion 3 speakers series 1 but they dont get loud enough in my opinion and the control module is pretty beat up. Was looking for some recommendations in the sub 200 range


where are you located?

something like the Kanto YU4 would be good.

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YU4 is quite a bit out of your price range at $330. We’re about ready to ship our new speaker YU - should be available in two weeks.

It’s essentially a YU4 without the pre-amp, optical inputs, AAC codec for $250. Still over your budget, but it may work nicely. Feel free to PM me.


What do u mean located? like US

yup, we have a large contingent of members not in North America and the can heavily affect the options available to them.

also, for your budget, u might want to check used options as you can often get really good speakers that would otherwise be over budget.

and if you can, try selling your Bose to boost funding? :wink:

what used speakers would you recommend? how much do u think i can sell the bose mine you the control module is in working condition barely

From the “too good for the price” thread…

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