Budget iem at around $60

Hi , I’m completely new to the audio world , and I wanted to start with an iem setup at around $100 (portable dac/amp combo or separate portable dac and amp for $40 and an iem for $60) I’m ok with a set that is slightly more expensive , I want to use these for fun listening so I guess I’ll go with a v shape ? that’s what people seem to say anyway but I still want the mids to be nice and clear and I definitely don’t want a neutral iem, I don’t really know my preferred sound signature since I haven’t tried many audio gear but from the videos I’ve watched and playing with some eqs I think that’s what I like :

  • A good bass that has a big impact but not a bloated bass that overshadows the mids and highs I don’t think I’m a bass head
  • Nice and clear mids but I’m not going for a mid centric iem since they apparently not the way to go if you want fun listening
  • I want the highs to shine , I think I prefer a brighter sound signature because when I listened to a bass boosted song I found it to be a bit too dark compared to the original song but that version maybe a little too exaggerated
  • Wide sound stage and decent imaging
  • I don’t want a neutral sound signature
  • Good detail
  • Cancel noise well since I’m planing to go outside with these but not everytime
    If all my requirements are even possible at this price range , I’ve done my research and I’ve found a couple of IEMs but still not sure what to pick , these are not in specific order:
  • Tin hifi t2 plus

  • Blon bl05s

  • Urbanfun ybf , but I’ve heard about their qc issues

Any other suggestions are welcome even if they are a bit pricier but fit my needs and can you describe the differences between them and tell me what are the widest/most detailed/most fun / best for noise canceling at this price bracket
I’m also looking for a portable dac/amp combo or portable separate dac and amp for a around $40 and should I get a dongle dac or regular portable dac
And finally I want to hear your opinion about those bass vests or straps and if there is one under $100 (that’s not included with my iem setup budget that’s separate)
Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance

Tripowin x BGGAR Mele or Blon BL-05s.

For a lesser bass but neutral and clarity monster of this bracket, TinHifi T4 on Drop that’s about $70. It does need a bit more power than the other two, but you said you’re getting an amp or dongle so that’s good.

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Hi , thank you for your reply , in which category is Tripowin x BGGAR Mele and Blon bl05s are better than the t2 plus and urbanfun ybf , and do they have a fun v shape tuning and wide stage ?

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Yeah both Mele and BL-05s can be said as borderlining the V-shape signature. The key is that they have cleaner and tighter bass in comparison to the mainstream V-shape headphones or IEMs out there that have massively bloated bass by sacrificing the mids. Another option that’s a tad pricier than your target is Moondrop Aria at around $80.

T2 Plus is still fun but the overall signature that people have said is “laid-back” listening. Urbanfun YBF I’ve never heard of it, sorry.

Here’s a graph for comparison (note that there’s no graph for BL-05s so it’s replaced by BL-05, but there will be signature differences.):

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I just wanna know how the aria compares to the bl05s in terms of :

  • Detail

  • soundstage and imaging

  • noise cancelling

  • And more importantly which is more fun , I don’t want a laid back tuning , can you describe the differences in the bass , mids , and treble , and which is more musical and not for critical listening between the two ?

Thank you again in advance

Get both off of Amazon and send back the one you don’t like :man_shrugging:

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I think in the under $60 group, Mele is my favorite by a healthy margin.

If we expand that price range, the Aria ( $80 ) is interesting in terms of detail and resolution, but lacking in bass occasionally for me.

I haven’t tried the BL-05, the Tin T2 Plus, or the Urbanfun ybf. I had the old Tin T2, and it isn’t comfortable for me, so I have been skipping most of the other T2 variants.


I don’t own Aria but there are plenty of Aria reviews out there on YouTube. Go check out a few to get a sense if the descriptions fit your need.

On the other hand, I might be the most vocal around here that shouts out BL-05s if I get a chance to. I can say that BL-05s has all the soundstage, imaging, and FUN around the same price range. But it would benefit from a cable and tip swap (wide bore, e.g. Azla SednaEarfit Crystal).


Ain’t that a QC


is a no.

BL-05s on the other hand…
(that’s why folks are reluctant to get this variant when they already have the former)

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OK, I didn’t know the distinction of ‘s’ … still better than the 100 variants of the T2.

I have the BL-03, love the price, like the sound, not nuts about the fit, hate the cable.

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From what I’ve researched I think that the aria are more laid back than the bl05s and they are warmer , please correct me if I’m wrong , and I also wanna know which one is brighter and have more sparkle up top , I’m ready to buy either of these so the price isn’t a concern

I’ll vouche for Mele. But stage, treble and giga bass under 100$?


Oh and for DAC/AMP: Apple dongle ftw :smiley:


I’ll leave 1 more suggestion under 100 + Apple Dongle, but I don’t own it since your preferences are the opposite of mine. Based on @Rikudou_Goku reviews and some others:

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I was goona pull the trigger on the blo05s , but now you’ve mentioned the KZ DQ6
I am searching now and I can’t decide

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If you want treble, bass slam and sounstage, there’s no wrong in there :rofl:

Also great fit and confort.

(Damn, I can even sell IEMs I don’t love lol)

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At one point you’ll have to make up your mind, 'cos a lot of us around have a list of favs that don’t necessarily overlap lol.

Biggest difference between DQ6 & BL-05s is definitely the price. That’s all I’ll add.

+1 for the DQ6 - stupidly enjoyable for the price, my beater set for commute to work.

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Does it have the same slam and stage? I’m very curious now

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I don’t have the DQ6 but the ZEX. Based on the graph and my experience with ZEX vs BL-05s, ZEX is a lot more treble forward and peaky while BL-05s has the best stage of my sub $100 region IEMs.

DQ6 peaks my interest for its 3DD, which I don’t know how they contribute to the spaciousness. I’m only basing my evaluation on HBB’s words that ZEX is somewhat similar to DQ6 :face_with_monocle: