Budget IEM dac dingle

Hey im new to Audiophile world…I just got a pair of KZ EDX for my daily driver(mostly listen to music) and also gonna use it for FPS gaming on my pc, so i just wondering, if this type of dongle with built it DAC is good enough for me, since im new, i dont want spend too much and also on really extremly low budget

Get apple usb c dongle :slight_smile:


Yea alot of people recommend dat.but sadly my phone is type C and also my pc is window :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But theres 2 of them! One lightning and one usb-c! I bought a type-c for my gf. Se also uses it with windows with an type-c to A adaptor :slight_smile:

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wait apple release a usb type c version of the dongle? i didnt know dat

thank dude …appreciate dat

Yeah, just linked it. Measures very well for the price. Im waiting on my DD hifi’s as per @Resolution rec :slight_smile:

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Niceee …thank again dude

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Of course they do! Their laptops are USB-C and their iPad’s :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s only one lightning device left…
A DDHifi TC35b is a bit more expensive but IMO worth it. I have a TC25i (same dac but lightning (yes I have an iPhone don’t judge) and 2.5mm instead of 3.5)

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Ahh yea tru, also just bought the apple type c to 3.5mm jack…thank for helping me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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All hail the Goku :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course you have a list with 4.000 dacs :wink:

Not mine lol