Budget IEM for jazz and classical

My bad I misread. Thank you!

I got the e1000 for the tips and ended up using them more than the reason I got the tips for(bl03).

Nothing beats convenience, and they don’t do anything bad. They’re just good enough and cheap enough to throw them around the house and have them around.

What’s wrong with the E1000? Seriously I can’t put my finger on it. I’m trying to learn to tell the differences between earphones better (tell as in describe, I can hear the difference but not versed in terms like timbre, clarity and all that). I don’t het these.
They sound completely off, and then I listen to them a while and they’re fine. At first I thought it was timbre but it wasn’t that I think. Then I thought details or clarity, but other than it seems to be lacking detail in the lower frequencies I feel like that’s also not the “issue”.
Mostly running them side by side with the bl03 at the moment, I just can’t figure them out.

I dont have any issues with it, I think its tuned very well. Technicalities should be comparable to the 03 in its stock form, although I like the mesh modded 03 a lot more.

No i mean wrong like: you said they are very different from other IEMs, what’s different. I can clearly hear it but I can’t put my finger on it what the difference is. Like if I go from the bl03 to the fh3 or back, I hear the difference but both sound fine. When I go to the E1000 I need a song or two to adjust and it’ll sound weird in the beginning.

oh, thats the tonality thats different.

And when it comes to the FH3/E1000, its also the timbre and coherency thats a lot different (better timbre and coherency (single DD´s cant really have incoherency lol)).

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Ah so it’s just the FR that’s screwing with me, alright alright. I feel like I’m starting to hear the incoherency of the FH3 more and more, though I don’t think I would be able to quickly pick it out in a short amount of time like you could just yet.
I think I’m going to find a lot of reviews about the IEMs I already own and break them down in terms of timbre, signature, coherency, details, clarity etc and then try to train myself to recognize it more easily.

Sounds like a good plan. Although you have to keep in mind that the different terminology that each reviewer use doesnt always mean the same.

(its why I have a terminology list in my thread.)

So I recommend finding people that describe stuff in a way that you can understand it.

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A while back I got my FiiO FA1 out to revisit it, and it sounded very weird.

These are the FA1 and the E1000, I guess that makes sorta sense (the FA1 also is a single BA IEM so of course there’s more, but I was quite suprprised). From your review I think one of the things bothering me when I 1-on-1 compare the E1000 to others might be separation. I felt like they were lacking detail or clarity, but I guess I find that hard to distinguis from separation.

The FA1 and e1000 don’t sound alike if I recall, the FA1 is more bright.

There is no need to rush to learn all this IMO.

It took me a few years as well and Im still learning.

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