Budget IEM for jazz and classical

Hi all,

A friend of mine is looking for an IEM mainly for listening to jazz and classical and acoustical stuff. I was going to recommend the Tin T2, but when i borrowed him my pair, the left one turned out to be broken. Since my previous pair also broke I don’t dare to recommend them.
I was thinking maybe the FD1 or the FH1s, since I like the brand FiiO, they are not too expensive and they have a 2-pin.
Are these good for jazz and classical? And which one would be better?

Thanks :slight_smile:

For classical, the HZ heart mirror is most likely a very good choice. (although I havent heard it.)

Oh I should’ve mentioned, he doesn’t have an amp and is not going to buy one.

Shouldnt be a problem. I havent heard it being a hard to drive iem.

While I dont have any experience with jazz, I would imagine it being suited with a warm neutral iem. In that case the Final Audio E1000 is a great pick.

I dont think you can get a single iem that excels at both genres since tonality wise, they need the polar opposite of each other.

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I can at least let him try the E1000, seeing as how I just ordered those for the tips. Thanks!

+1 for Final Audio

@Rikudou_Goku @Cameleon30
Just got the E1000 in, and I feel like they are lacking in detail tbh. I’m also very much not home in Jazz so maybe this isn’t too big a problem. Something like the bl-03 probably isn’t very suited right?

The 03 is infamous for its bad fit. Not something I recommend to people that wont tip roll.

Good point, I can only wear then with foams so far.

Try some Radius deep mount (my favorite for them) or the Azla sedna tips on the 03.

I should be getting the sedna eartips in a week or two. I don’t use the bl03 that much so I’m fine with sticking to foams on those. I’ll be spending most of my time to rolling the FH3 and soon the fd5 or fh5s. Currently using the elastec, really like the fit but I hate how dirty they get :confused:.

Having listened to the E1000 for a but now I must say I’m starting to warm up to them. Maybe I will recommend these to my friend.

The E1000 is pretty different from most other iems, so I do believe its best to use them with “fresh” ears when you wake up and havent “dirtied” them with other iems lol.

Or well, its best to do that before you form an opinion on them.

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@Rikudou_Goku @Cameleon30
What about the E3000C? It’s also warm but more v-shaped, would it be better or worse than the E1000 in general and for jazz specifically?

I dont know jazz so I cant really comment on that.

But If you use the micropore mod on the E1000, it sounds similar but better than the E3000 IMO.

He wants a microphone and the E1000C with microphone is just as expensive as the E3000C with microphone. I don’t think he’s going to be modding it tbh, so mainly looking for the best out-of-the-box performance. (Might look into that mod myself though :thinking: )

Well, I am not experienced with jazz at all. It depends on if you want more bass quantity at the cost of some speed and tightness. The E3000 works better on hip-hop for example because of that.

If you are curious about the mod, you can check my thread.

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I have the E2000 personally. I love it’s sound for every genres of music. They work particularly great for hip-hop and electro music because they are slightly v shaped. I believe that jazz can benefit from this tuning that accentuates the lows and the highs but it has great instrument separation and decent soundstage.

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I dont find the E2000 worth it though. I got the entire E series as well.

E1000 is probably my favorite with the micropore mod.

What is the microphone mode?

Micropore, not microphone. It’s a kind of tape that can be used to cover vent holes or the nozzle, because it stops some air of going out, it will change the sound in some ways, depending on the headphone