Budget IEM recommendations for B A S S guitarists

I am trying to find a multi-driver budget IEM that can be used for live monitoring (I’m using a bass guitar). My budget is $100 and below. Your suggestions would greatly help me in saving money. Thanks!

What about a tin t2? Nice isolation, sturdy construction, and a balanced sound. The kz zsx would also be a good choice imo with foam tips

Tin t2 is great! I was able to audition it a few months back and I really enjoyed it. I have the t3 and the p1 but I don’t like using those in a live performance as t3 makes the cymbals overpower the other instruments too much while the p1 is so bass anemic.

I have seen the reviews for ZSX and I consider maybe getting one but I still want to keep my options open.

I really wasn’t a huge fan of the t3 because of the treble and timbre issues that you mention with the cymbals

t3 would have been perfect for me if not for that harsh emphasis on the cymbals.

Though I still go back to it from time to time whenever I feel like listening to just acoustic songs on the go as my p1 is quick to drain my es100’s battery.

The cca a10 and c10 also might be something to look into. You might also be able to find a Etymotic ER3XR in that price range, which would be great

Edit: The TRN V90 is also good in this price range

does it still have the same sibilance problem that the original ZS10 have?

If you were bothered by the zs10, the zs10 pro has more treble, but I don’t think it was sibilant