Budget Liner Amp

Im looking for a rather liner Amp around the 200$ mark (from amazon, I’ve got some credit i need to burn) , Balanced would be great but its not a must.

At first, I thought about the Topping L30 but with everything going on I’m going to stay clear of it for now.
My second thought was to go for to the SMSL SP-200 but i saw that its not really balanced (well according to what i read and Zeos) , so I’m not against it but I’m trying to see if there are any balanced options

If you are looking for something that measures well and is balanced at the 200 mark, the schiit magnius fits the bill, although imo I wouldn’t pick it for sound quality at that price point (then again personally wouldn’t pick a topping or thx product either)

im less a messurements sound kinda a guy, im just looking for something rather neutral.
Right now im using the IFI zen Dac and Can, which to me sound a bit warm - which i like
But i want a little variety :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t have to be balanced, I would really suggest something like and asgard 3 for something neutral but slightly warmer smoother, or a lake people g103s for something more studio neutral with a hint of warmth, both are great options but it would depend on the headphones you have or plan to use with it

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Dope, Thanks ill have a look