Budget Open Back Headphones (Help please : )


I’m wanting to get open back headphones for gaming because from what I can tell they should be better than my current Momentum Wireless 2.0s. I game on PC and PS4, plugging straight into the motherboard and controller respectively. I play equal amounts FPS (Apex Legends, CoD Warzone, Battlefront 2) and single player (Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, God of War). I want to prioritise the FPS games though and have headphones with better positioning etc (I can always use my current headphones for single player). I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve narrowed down a list of headphones which are all more or less the same price where I live, and they are all in stock (I’m in the UK and we have virtually no stock of anything compared to the US). These are all around £115 ($160), give or take £10. I will have an AMP. I need help picking which would be best for my use case:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
  • Philips SHP9500/00
  • Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X
  • AKG K702

Just some further information that may help any and all advice:

Like I said above, I want to play on both PC and PS4 (and PS5 in like 10 years time when scalpers all move onto the next generation), so I’ve decided to get the Sound BlasterX G6 AMP. This is because it’s portable and has an easy set up and useful chat features (and even more importantly is £70/$100 and is in stock). I think it should be able to power the DT 990 Pro if you guys think that’s the best choice but I’m open to suggestion. I’m not getting the Zen Dac or anything along that line because I’d like to upgrade my entire set up in a couple years time if my interest in HiFi continues. I use a ModMic. I’m not bothered about music for these as much because I enjoy my current headphones, they’re great for my casual listening. I think that’s everything, sorry it’s a lot to read. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: extra added in

How about Beyerdynamic Tygr 300R? It smoothes out a lot of the rough bits with DT990s, and easy to drive.

I think the availability for them is far better in the UK/EU versus US.

I looked at them too but they aren’t available anywhere unfortunately. There’s the headphones/mic combo on amazon but I don’t need the mic and don’t want to spend that much. Thank you tho!

Have you checked Beyer’s site? It’s the only place they sell them at, dunno for your location, tho.

@KeroseneSlickback They don’t have a dedicated UK website. It is available on the European website for €140/£120/$170 which would be great!!.. but they don’t ship to the UK because of Brexit : (

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Tygr doesn’t run too well off the Dualsense so I really can’t see it running well off a DualShock. Enough so that I’ll likely be selling mine shortly.

I’m based in the UK and could put them up here, but as I say i wouldn’t recommend them for use plugged into a controller though I expect they’re brilliant amped properly.

Edit: Completely missed that you’re getting a G6. In which case the Tygr’s will be superb. Happy to put them up for sale on here.

Where did you purchase the headphones? I’m not sure if I want to spend more on them yet or not because the others are cheaper

“nothing’s gonna change”

black edition, so straight cable instead of coiled cable

@schmu So you’d recommend the HD 560s, HD 598 SR, or DT 990 Pro??

That’s all so subjective. I’d go for the 560S for gaming - since for me the 500 series is the best comfort I’ve ever had with a headphone. The 560S has decent subbass compared to some other Sennheisers, good imaging & soundstage for gaming. DT 990 treble is a bit much, but I’m sensitive to highs so…
HD 598/558 are good budget solutions, but won’t extend into subbass regions that well.

For me I’m more looking for better imaging and soundstage because I want them more for competitive play than casual. So I don’t mind if it lacks some bass, plus, I should be able to turn on a bass boost on an AMP which I know isn’t the best but should make headphones more fun if I do something more casual. I’m okay with putting up with less comfort and that as long as the audio pay off is good. I’ll definitely keep an eye on HD 560s if I see a bargain.

I think most peeps use beyerdynamic 990 pro & 880 pro for competitive and budget under 200.
Never played comp, so gonna step back a little :partying_face:

oh look another gaming thread lol…

so, couple things… this probably belonged in the competitive thread instead of casual since you want to prioritize competitives… your current headphones you were looking at will all work fine to varying degrees and the G6 will work fine for a gamer… it will not offer audiophile clarity or amazing sound details but it will power your headphones and make them sound passable… for it’s price it really is a very good unit and it can power the 600 ohm beyerdynamics. However, we do not know for certain if the g6 works on ps5… that would need clarification from someone who has both units.

The tygr 300r has a weird marketing tactic that I personally consider rather stupid. The only way to obtain it by itself is through the used markets or directly from beyerdynamic themselves. You can search HIFISHARK to dig around the web for a pair of these headphones. The tygr 300r is a warmish subtle V shape signature that is just a redone up variant to the DT 990… it’s great for those who have treble intolerances but still want that staging and imaging the 990 can offer. At it’s price point it performs phenomenally in both casual and competitive. Skip the mic if possible… it’s hot garbage

560s is more reference with bright tendencies… 598 is good for a casual gamer or someone wanting an all rounder headphone not explicitly competitives and 990 should be bought in it’s edition not PRO as the pro not only has the coiled cable but it also cannot be bought in the 600 ohm state… the 250 ohm variant of the 990 is far too bassy for competitives and it gets in the way… 600 ohm doesn’t have this problem anywhere near as much and has less bright sibilance tendencies with a more refined smooth sound.

I wouldn’t I think it’s pretty bad for competitive gaming… and casual gaming I would 100% choose something more fun, exciting, and relaxing… it’s a super reference headphone with brightness… really not that fun to listen to. I would handsdown choose the 58x jubilee over that and if I was just playing smaller FPS definitely swing to the 6xx or 660S

if one is sensitive to the 990 there is multiple ways to deal with this.

  1. as mentioned you can get the tygr instead.
  2. buy the tygrs filters(known as amiron wireless filters) this will drop the peakiness on the treble
  3. pad swap it to something of a thicker variety(you may need a bit of eq on the bass for this method to keep things in line for competitives but it is an option… with a thicker pad though your ear is further from the driver allowing you to deal with it better)
  4. EQ the treble back, this option demands a rather strong amp

considering you seem to be looking to save money, go with the beyers… they will have your strongest imaging per pricepoint early on. 990 and tygr 300r hold that crown followed by 880s

bruh drop a link I high key am interested to try them

If based in the USA you would have to reach out to beyerdynamic directly to get these… thankfully I already had done that step… they will tell you to reach out to this email here [email protected] which is their authorized service center. let me bring up the email here from them…

That is part # 934208 and they cost $3.50 each plus shipping and handling.

Send them an email requesting that particular part, they will need your shipping information and following that they will send you an invoice with a paypal link… once paid they will ship them to you… yes this works, I bought two pairs from them

If based in the UK though, you’d have to ask beyer from europe about it… but on their shop they actually have the filters so you may just be able to buy them direct

since your in canada rice, I would ask beyer about them… theres bound to be a way to get them

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I probably just messed up my wording, apologies. It’s nothing super serious, I just want to prioritise playing better and doing ranked play and such. I know they won’t be amazing, I originally had my eyes set on the Zen Dac and then after more research I decided I’d also get a Zen Can but that just got me into a rabbit hole of looking at better headphones and then better AMPs to power them lol, so decided to restrict myself for now and get into it later down the line.

I’ve seen from multiple sources that they do and the creative website lists PS5 under supported platforms, so all good.

Thank you, you must see a billion of these posts all the time so your detailed response is much appreciated!!

zen can + zen dac is just fine in my opinion… does very well with some added eq options to boot. You don’t really need a super high end amp and dac starting out and really not until you have multiple headphones or very high price bracket pickier headphones that can respond and synergize better to the higher tier units…

took a look, thank you for notifying me of this… that is good news that I also get to share with some of my other buddies who own this particular amp

lol I do indeed, but I enjoy helping others in the gaming hobby who want better sound.