Budget PC speaker system for Xmas

Hi guys,

So after getting into IEMs for myself and having some great chats on here, I come looking for (very last minute, I know) Xmas advice for my better half.

His desktop speakers have just died - they were very cheap, but I know he’d love something nicer. Those speakers were connected directly to a reasonable sound card (an Asus Xonar, not sure which one exactly anymore, and not opening the PC now :p).

If I have a budget of ~$500, should I get him:

  • A) a pair of good speakers (which ones?), or
  • B) somewhat cheaper speakers (which ones?) and other stuff like a DAC and/or preamp (which ones - you get the gist).

The desk isn’t huge, so the system can’t take up a whole lot of space, but smaller bookshelf speakers could work (bigger ones are out). Also, he prefers simple to overly complex, so it’s always going to be better to have fewer elements for the same result (but if adding another step improves things dramatically, he’ll get that it’s worth it.)

He would be using those mostly for gaming, watching videos, and listening to lots of music (classic folk/rock all the way to black metal.)

Thank you!

If you are in the US vanatoo T0s are hard to beat as a do it all setup.

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loxjie a30 and emotiva b1+

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Ack, sadly I’m in the UK, but I’ll still have a look! Perhaps they’re available somewhere. Thank you so much!

Oh, that sounds like an interesting set up! Would you have by any chance suggestions for slightly smaller alternatives to the emotiva? There’s a chance they’d fit but they’ll take a fairly large chunk of the desk.

You should be able to find them on Amazon but I know Europe things seem to have a premium attached to them.

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the emotivas are pretty small but perhaps something like elac bs41.

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Adam T5Vs rock for near-field and more, but you’d need a inline controller or something in that ball park

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Amazing, thank you! I now have a couple of solid options - time to see what I can get before Xmas :sweat_smile:

edit: they fit anywhere.

edit2: uk link


Excellent, thank you! Definitely looking into these :eyes:

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The iLoud Micro is solid, but also look at the iLoud MTM for another similar form-factor option (it costs more, but goes on sale for not much more from time to time).