Budget pc speakers

So recently my old logitec z506 speakers died.
Naturally i am looking for something new to replace them and i’ve found some candidates.

Btw i am located in Denmark which to some extent limits the speakers available.
I am very value-oriented, already have a fiio e10k (which is why im looking for active speakers) and use HD558 for headphones.
I enjoy my headphones but also enjoyed using my z506 in a 2.1 setup especially when watching movies and the like.
I guess what i am trying to say is i am probably a quite casual listener and enjoy somewhat mainstream sound signature.
Also, size is somewhat of an issue as the space on my desk is a bit cramped, so i am looking for something at least semi-compact.

Budget: absolute maximum is 250 usd but would prefer less.
The candidates:
Edifier r1280t - 95 usd.
Edifier s350db - 243 usd.
Other better value speakers/speaker setup?

I am afraid i will miss the bass that (i guess) will be missing if i go the r1280t route because of the lack of subwoofer. Also, is it possible to add a subwoofer to these later if i feel they lack bass?
I watched Zeos’ review of the s350db and he seemed to heavily enjoy them, but i am afraid they are overkill for my use.

So, i guess i’m just looking for inputs as to what to do.
Thanks a lot.

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take a look to see if the Kanto YU4 fit your budget?

While i have stumbled upon the name many times, im afraid they are too far out of budget.

I had a Pair of Elec Speakers Debut 2.0 B6.2 that where great, nice bass.

I also had these and they where great. if you need something smaller

Can you find a pair of klipsch promedia 2.1 thx? Those are pretty solid and have a sub


The swan M10’s are actually pretty good for <$100, but may not work for you, you need to be able to place the subwoofer centrally, can’t be located off to the side.

what would be the reason for needing the sub to be central. It’s my understanding (which could be totally wrong) that sub placement generally doesn’t matter because we have a hard time discerning direction for lower frequencies

It’s not really a “sub” in the traditional sense, it crosses over high enough it provides some of the bottom of the mid range, and it’s enough that it sounds odd if it’s off to one side.

Okay so, i guess i’ll answer all of you at the same time.

The Elacs are, at least in my country, ~450 usd which is out of my budget range unfortunately.
The Bose companion 2 III i haven’t really seen mentioned, but will they beat e.g. the r1280t which are 30 usd cheaper? I need small, but i think i cant fit some of the smaller bookshelf speakers.
The Klipsch promedia 2.1 i have been looking for, and they are not available.
The swan M10’s are maybe available from sweden for 145 usd but i am not sure they can be shipped to denmark.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the inputs, almost overwhelming haha!

ah ok totally makes sense thanks

Would you consider the Logitech THX speakers a good alternative? Klipsch are hard to find in Denmark I guess.

I haven’t heard those so I can’t really say

I know that Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers (Black, Set of 2) are over your budget but maybe if you save up a bit more or if they go on sale you can get speakers that were recommended by ZReviews and from what I hear from other reviewers as well are some of the better quality speakers that could last you longer then if you get a cheaper pair now and need to get another set a couple of years down the road

not much sales in EU region…
They a small player in the big game.

I have these with a cheap monoprice sub. They are perfect for cramped spaces since that is one of your requirements.

Amazon UK Link


Is a great website for all over Europe! For $271. 50 or 1798 DKK you could get yourself a pair of jbl350s. I know that’s probably just outside you budget and size requirements but that’ll let you know the value available there.

Thank you all, i actually ended up buying a pair of Edifier R1850db’s as these were on sale and more in my comfortable budget range. I realize a lot of the speakers here would result in better sound but frankly the budget + my untrained ears led me to believe it just wasn’t worth it for me yet. Maybe sometimes in the future i’ll get a pair of more capable HiFi speakers because these speakers have got me hooked into 2.0 systems!