Budget recommendation?

Okay to start off with… I have never used IEMs and only cheapo ear buds from a gas station but I love my music. Sound wise I like either balanced or V signatures. Looking for a really good budget pair of earbuds or iems(I guess I dont really know the difference here honestly) for use with my phone, Samsung A10E, preferrably wireless bluetooth. Primary use is for outside work and going to the gym and out jogging. Could definitely use some information and recommendations. Budget wise Preferrably $100 or less I would rather not spend a fortune on something like this if you think I may need to change my budget feel free to let me know and as to what that reason is.Going to edit this real fast… I did consider a more music oriented device too instead of my phone but I was unsure on it at this point in time.

Under $50, the Fiil T1x (5.0 version). Very good sounding pair (V-shaped) with EQ app controls, but I didn’t really like it for running. You’re going to get the runners thud/thump in your head with every step. However, Dekoni did come out with TWS foam ear tips that may help minimize the “thud” effect.

Under $100, Anker Soundcoore Liberty Air 2. Excellent sound quality (v-shaped), also with an EQ app. Minimal thud while running, but again would probably benefit with the Dekoni TWS foam tips.

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How sharp would you say the V signature is on the Anker Soundcoore? Also, thank you so much for the recommendations!

Mids aren’t completely lost, but very strong emphasis on the bass (impactful but not boomy) and treble (peaky but not harsh). The Anker app is pretty awesome and you can virtually make these into any signature that pleases you. IMO, you can’t go wrong with the Anker.

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Alright works for me. I asked since I wear a dt 990 from beyerdynamic for my usual headphones.

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Wanted to chime back in here. I got the Ankers in the mail the other day and went on a run. They definitely work PERFECTLY great sound good battery life I did alter the sound a little bit to my personal preference… I don’t really have a complaint for them thanks so much for the recommendation these blow any other earbuds I have had out of the water.

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They definitely took me by surprise!

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Alright so, I have sat with these for a while. I wanted to chime in one last time on here before I officially settle… These are indeed ear buds… Was curious on whether IEM would be better though. Someone mind helping me out here? again same purpose use, exercise, runs, work outs, work around home, etc. Was told IEM are better. There’s a few that are the same price as the liberty air 2s like Moondrop Starfields are in the same price range and and I think the Tin series was in that range too and those if i recall are actually planars… IEM would also have to be wireless though. @M0N you know like everything. help? lol

I don’t have much experience with wireless stuff or budget iems, so I can’t help you too much here lol. I do like the starfields tho, and the tin t2 since you brought them up

You fail me! lmao alright well was worth a shot. Hopefully someone out there can help me out here Might need to throw a post over on the IEM portion of the forums would rather not though.

They look fantastic and apparently sound just as good. My issue is the wiring… I don’t like running with a wire lmao it gets caught on stuff especially when I am working around the home and just bounces around in the way when on a run. I mean I could probably wear headphones too wirelessly but they’d have to have a good enough head clamp and be wireless… I did consider like porta pros instead but I have no idea in this case…I just need a really good sounding piece of hardware that fits the job. Sound doesn’t need to be incredible but when I get told that headphones and iems are better than ear buds I start to wonder.

There are wireless 2 pin cables that go around the back of your neck, so that can be an option, but who knows, they typically sound only ok and have issues with noise floor (the wireless cable solutions)

I mean I am open to solutions in this case… these liberty air 2s sound great but I can tell they are earbuds… they dont sound as good as a headphone thats for sure. I did see that DAN CLARK over there is right now developing a friggin WIRELESS AEON which caught my attention immediately hahahaha but for real paying that much for a on the go set doesn’t seem very feasible as wireless degrades sound. Never heard of a wireless 2 pin cable that goes around the neck… Looked those up that would work if push came to shove yeah. I just need some recommendations for iems then and whether or not they would be better off