Budget small home theater

Hi, i am about to build a little 2x2x2m box to have as a mini home theater/listing room. just wanting some good budget speakers for center and rears, as i have the kanto tuks which will be front L/R. any advice/recommendations would be appreciated. thanks

Check out our YU Passive 4" or 5.25" for your rears. They are rear ported so they’d have to be away from the wall - not sure if that would work for you or not.

the 4" kantos should work fine for rears/surrounds. avr’s send very little low end energy to surrounds. its mostly mids and high’s.

to OP. if you have kanto tuks on the fronts, you may want to go 1 tier above bargain basement cheap or you may notice the inferior quality of the surrounds.

Martlin Logan Motion 2i would work well. would give you folden ribbon tweeters all around. and they can be had for 150$ each new on sale and 100ish$ used.

a cheaper folded ribbom alternative, would be the dayton audio b456 or b656 air bookshelves. they are 55 and 65$/pair

Micca OoOs

The Andrew Jones series by pioneer is a great choice for being on a budget. Also the emotive B1s are great as well.

Neumi CS5 micca OoO covo-S atmos channels.