Budget speakers for desk setup

Hi guys,

I’m new here and I wanted to get you option, on speakers I should buy for my desk setup.

I am thinking of spending around 300$ on speaker setup (either active or passive+amp).

I’m mostly using my setup for production work in terms of video editing and all the things concerning video production. And I do listen to music, mostly vocal and classic, but I listen to everything that I have a quality copy of tbh.
Also I do watch lots of movies and do gaming at the side (mostly esports titles).

I hope that helps you in recommending me a specific speakers. Would mean a lot if you could help! :slight_smile:

The JBL 305P MKII would be a good place to start at that price.

Oh thanks for fast response! Really appreciate it, I’ll definitely look into them.

Btw one huge thing I forgot to mension, because of the color theme I’m going for they need to be White in color. I know that’s strange, but I’m just going for that aesthetic.


There are so many options, but I want to leave 2 things that I’d consider if I was in your situation:
Adam Audio T5V for a more “professional” & analytical sound
Edifier S350db for better bass & fun

I consider these options, because they should work for most environments.
I picked Adam Audio for classic & vocal, since these are quite detailed & have good clarity.
The mentioned JBL 305P are great all rounders imo.

edit: oh… white? haha
with a budget of 300… maybe Kali LP-6 white version, but the hiss would be annoying for classic

Thank you very much I actually looked into T5Vs and they were perfect form what so saw, but then I figured there is no White option.

Sorry if that’s sort of weird, because what’s essential is audio quality, but then again I just need them to be White for whole room theme

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh now I saw you wrote… I’ll definitely look into them!!!

There are not that many white models as far as i know.
A popular option are the Yamaha HS7 white… but those would be ~400 a pair.
There’s also the HS5 white, cheaper but for my taste lacking a bit in the bass region.

edit: iLoud Micro are also available in white… good sound relative to their tiny size
But I would only consider them if I had no space for bigger speakers.

Yeah I see, thank you very much. Btw I was thinking something a bit bigger form iLoud Micro cause they would be dwarfed by monitor and everything, but I’ll see.
I saw Jamo s803 and they have perfect color like white with that “wood” details, but I can’t find them in my area, but from reviews I saw they were good.

those are passive, so you’d have to spend money for an amp pushing >300
no idea how they sound

The JBL 305P also comes in white.


Oh awesome, so you think they would fulfill my needs?

The only answers to this question are the JBL’s or the Adam T5v. If you want white…the JBL’s have that colorway. The audioengine’s have a white colorway, but the JBL and Adam T5v just blow those away, IMO.

Thanks man, means a lot!

I agree that the T5V is a much better speaker but they’re also 33% over the stated budget. At the price, I think the 305P is a great starting point for production work and casual listening. Choices. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, would consider all the feedback!

Kali LP6 comes in white

Thank you, do you think it’s better or close to, for my music listening and use, than T5V and JBL or that Yamaha one? If you have tried all of them. :slight_smile:

Honestly, with your preference for classic, video editing & gaming you will probably not like the hiss levels of the Kali-LP6.

I think the Adam Audio ribbon tweeters are better suited and won’t produce much noticable hiss in comparison.

JBL 305 has some hiss going on aswell.

Most producers & professionals are used to monitors hissing around.
But if you just want to relax and listen to some great vocal music & songs with quiet parts I just assume it would be annoying.

If the whole white color theme wasn’t an issue, I’d double down on the Adam Audio T5V.

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From the view of white noise / hiss. All mentioned ones, have it.
Some less, some more audible.
Even T5V’s. Search “Adam Audio T5V hiss” and you get plenty of hits.

Unless you have model that can lower the sensitivity/input but then you need much bigger budget, otherwise it’s always audible from short distance.
Kind depends on room or back ground noise levels, source and distance from speakers.
Usually when playing music it’s not audible.

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Do you prefer a bright, neutral or warm speaker?
Powered or passive, personally I prefer passive so that I can pick my own amp.

Thanks man, means a lot, I’ll most likely try to hear them all and then I’ll make final decision! :smiley: