Budget speakers with good and deep bass

Hi there,

I’m interested in buying desktop speakers mainly for listening to music and have been reading into the topic for about a month now.

I’ve gone back and forth plenty but eventually settled for the edifier 1700bt mainly due to the price. They sound pretty good but the bass is severely lacking.

My question is; which active/powered speakers have good, deep bass? Or should I instead stick with my 1700bt’s and get a subwoofer?

My price range is about 200-250 euro’s.

There is no replacement for displacement. To get more bass, you gotta go bigger. So unless you want to go twice the size and price, a sub is the way to go.

Plus what is the mentioned level of the deep bass? Since might vary per person.
The 1700 specs point, they won’t go that low 60Hz ~ 20KHz (@+/-6db)
Sub is easy and cheaper way.

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Elec 1010 sub. Compact cheap and got a good review on youtube.

Probably one of Emotiva’s subwoofers would be a good choice because they can take RCA in and out to crossover with the passive speakers.