Budget sub for a small room

Well lads for my first post (which I hope I’m putting in right place and doing in the right way) I seek advice and ideas for adding a budget sub to my bedroom.

Room size: 744ft³ (est* 21m³)
Budget 200ish (maybe more if I see the value)

Ive been looking at 10-8 in subs like Jamo s810, s808, Edifier T5 but I really dont know what to choose. Maybe, these are all garbo and y’all have some secret sauce sub hidden way to tell me about.

Anyways I appreciate any input that is in-store for me.


hello and welcome to HFG, Jw!

take a look at Dayton Audio as they have some good budget subs to consider.

you can buy DA’s products from Parts-Express
here are powered subs

here are passive subs

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Jamo 12in for $204 on amazon. The packaging sucks but for cheap thrills it works for me.

Is the sub for music listening or more for movie watching ?
Cause that will influence the type of sub you’ll want

As a poor basshead i’m the king of cheap subs so I have small cheap subs from Corsair, Logitech, M-Audio, Klipsch, Audioengine, Edifier, and Paradigm. My little 8" Audioengine sub is only $350US and puts out amazing bass for the size/price but for something cheaper i’d look first at Polk, Klipsch, Monoprice and has been suggested, Dayton Audio. I spent $240CAN on an old Paradigm Ultracube 10 sub but it was an amazing deal so I was lucky to scoop it up

The elac 1010 might be discontinued. Those sold low as $98 compact sad if elac dont come out with an updated version.

Jamo C10 going for $179.

Dont know is even possible to get better bass for $$$ than this?
Amazon: BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer
Price: $299.00

It’s not small size for sure but makes lots of noises.