Budget subwoofer?

So as part of my TV/ record set up I am getting a av reciever and a pair of tower speakers. I was wondering if there are any low budget subwoofers to add to the set up. The towers are going to be a set of monoprice mp t65rt( plan to upgrade later to either klipsch or jamo speakers when budget is less tight.) I plan to use it for pretty much everything but mostly music and gaming. That said it is to be used in HT set up so will eventually go from 2.1 to 5.1. gaming is from ps4 and switch( mostly switch), music is mostly pretty wide in genres. So the big question is that due to recent car troubles, i need to keep budget around 100-200 but 150 would be preferred.

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Dayton 12" https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sub-1200-12-120-watt-powered-subwoofer--300-629

I have the 10" version and the bass is very good. I do wished I got the 12" or even the 15" version.


Other options include the BIC America F12 (look around, the Amazon price is $10 over your budget):

Klipsch R-10SW:


In the past, I have gotten my hands on a Polk PSW-505 for $199. It may no longer be possible to do so, but do keep your eyes open:



I have the 12" Dayton Audio Sub, and it performs well. Excellent boom for the buck!

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Any impressions on this Sony sub?

Seems like a very cheap 10" sub with high level inputs. How bad can it be?

How about elac 1010 60w rms on sale for 99 greenbacks or monoprice premium 8in 100w rms (out of stock). For a desktop bedroom apartment dwellers. Say D30+PA3, MX3-AD18 with optional miniDSP.

I have also seen the polk audio entry sub ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002KVQBA/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_6?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1) that seems to do well on amazon that is on the lower budget that I am curious about, but at this point I am just saving up for the klipsch sub mentioned above as not sure if worth getting an entry sub to hold over instead of just waiting until I can get the klipsch