Budget surround system

      I watch Z-Reviews on a regular basis and was looking here for some advice. I got a used Pioneer Elite SC-27 7.2 ch receiver and a Used Klipsch sw10 over the past few months for a steal and looking to upgrade my speakers over the next 6 months. I use it for music 60% and movies 40%. I was hoping you guys could point me in a good direction for about 1000 usd for a set of seven speakers (or six if going phantom center would be a better way to go). They do not have to be a matching set but same or similar color preferred, I just want the best bang for my buck. My budget is flexible to a degree but do not want to go overboard as I may have the opportunity for a massive upgrade in a few years. I have been considering mica rb 42 or jamo 803 for surrounds, but not sure if those would be the best over all.

I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

so for surrounds, any speaker will do honestly. hardly any audio comes out of surrounds, and most music is 2 channel. and the audio in movies ect that comes from the surrounds tends to be effects, stuff that does not need high fidelity. a good 2.0 and center matters the most. 2.0 for your music listening, and center as a huge chunk of dialogue in movies and shows goes to the center channel if surround is engaged.

all that being said, what kind of music do you typically listen to?

also what kind of space restraints do you have? if your thinking jamo, the floostanders are on sale atm and if you have the room, get the s 807’s for 285$/pair for your fronts. get the s801’s for 99$/pair for the L/R and rears’s. s83 cen for center. that would be roughly 600$ for the 7.0 system.

alternately, you could order this:

and add another pair of s801 and save about 120$ and space. but the s807’s will have a more full sound for 2.1 music.

so I have a medium sized room about 13’ ( 396.24cm) long and 15’ (457.2cm) wide. it opens up to my kitchen / dinning room. I do have some wiggle room with placement but not a ton since it is a living space and not a dedicated listening room. I did see that set a while ago that zeo’s posted about a week ago. was supper tempted to grab them but in between jobs( Thanks to covid ). should be employed soon and as such will be saving up for a good set in a few months time. i could probably go as high as 1500 for the set with tax included. Also I mostly listen to edm and trance, but I like to listen to most music genres. So not super big deal if it is not a bass heavy 2.0 floor speaker

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I’m not sure if you are still looking around, but there is a nice set currently on sale

For low budget sure. That’s not a rule though.
When a high-end surround and all the settings you might thing is available e.g. not driving all the lows to sub as a example. You get much more from the rear as well. Not just the “wind or woosh” effects. Plus in a possible surround music scene, you just get more.
Kinda the same situation if having front speakers in small vs big. Differences there are.

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sure, but even theaters do not use full range for surrounds. space + need. and most people are not focused on audio during a movie or show. outside of voices of course. there is a reason most surrounds have 4" woofers.

but to each their own. i personally use some vintage infinity floorstanders atm for rears because they have a 10" woofer. but the old lady lets me or i would be using smaller, more discrete speakers lol. as is i got them on milk crates to get the tweeters above the back of the couch. i should really build a platform one of these days lol.

No replacement for displacement!

but for the 95+% most likely, any speakers will do :slightly_smiling_face:. especially if you have spent less then a grand or 2 on your fronts.

edit: even zeos uses cheap 50$ speakers for surrounds. not that he is the best reference point as i feel he does not have hi fidelity ears. but he is popular because he represents the vast majority of people. anything he recommends, for instance, my wife loves. and she has told me many times when i try and get her to hear the magic i hear, that she does not have my ears and can’t hear it.

So true.

I also started with bookshelf surrounds and have experienced those 2x2 satellite speakers… they are horrible.
Able to go big and actually get a “kick” from behind is very nice and difference is huge.
Sometimes im having hard time understanding people “that it would not make difference” and at the same time… people argue about “pads and cables” making very noticable and big differences.

Like a change from 4" normal surround would not make difference when going to 10" proper speakers…
Of course there is much more involved. More sound processing and settings, better amps and location location location but they g’damm make big differences. What the 95% probably don’t even understand and are happy.
Zoes surrounds kinda meme. :slight_smile:
But for budget, WAF, location + room etc all included, the 4" ones make the surround sound nice.
Better than nothing.

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@MadGman I am not married yet so the waf is not a problem yet. Location is somewhat limited. I currently have some old pioneer CS-C5000 for the front and some old KLH-9912 in the rear and found a Klipsch SW-10 recently for cheap. Not the best but good enough for now, until I can save up some cash to get some better speakers.

@joshua_g I am not needing theater quality at this time. I think your suggestion is not a bad idea, and I plan to upgrade later down the road anyways so some cheap but great surrounds is fine for now. I would like most of the budget for the front and Center if you guys recommend getting a center.

@gallappago I saw those a week or two ago as well. They look great for the money. But I was eyeing the c903 for fronts.

I can make my budget wiggle a bit even at the 1500. It is not a hard cap, just will take me a few more pay checks. I am open for all suggestions but I do not have the best equipment yet so I am looking at the best bang for the buck. I can say I don’t want to go anywhere near the 10k range until I make some major upgrades on the other equipment like a new receiver, separate amp for the front and a high quality power unit.

I would start with quality l/r and center. Triangle bro3 + brc1 would be a pretty great front.