Build my first room speaker setup

So I decided to build my first speaker setup for my room but I don’t know the topic that well.

I’m looking for a full speaker setup, with an amp (i already have a dac) and a sub. I need a sub, it doesn’t have to be big, but I need that sub bass extension.

I would be using this setup for a lot of types of music.

Budget is around 500 tops (the less the better :wink:) and the components need to be available in Europe.

Thanks for the help!

I personally think to maximize your budget, you would want to go with a pair of powered speakers with a sub out imo

You could get a pair of passive speakers as well and a decent amp too. It just depends on what you prefer and what’s available to you over there

Also what kind of music do you like and would this be a nearfield setup or a room setup


Room setup, as for music I listen to soundtracks, electronic and jazz mostly. Powered speakers are an option, I just don’t know which ones I should consider

Would you be looking for bookshelf’s or towers?

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I’m curious about what exists as good $500 tower speakers.

for bookshelves, the Kanto YU6 and SUB6 or 8.

Well it’s total 500 budget so you would be looking for like 350 max tower speakers

well, what are the ‘good’ powered tower speakers in the $350 - $500 range?

I mean, the Kanto YU6 eats most of that up and they’re mere bookshelf. I have a hard time believing there are good powered towers that are inexpensive…or sound better than their similar priced but smaller brethren.

Assuming you aren’t looking for used, Onkyo SKF-4800, Polk Signature S50, Polk TSi400, (actually there are a lot of Polk stuff that works well for this price so I won’t put any more Polk lol) Klipsch RF-82 II, Elac Debut 2.0 F5.2, Sony SSCS3, Pioneer SP-FS52, and more when other stuff goes on sale

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just because they have ‘more’ speakers doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. do these actually sound better than something like the Kanto YU6? I suspect they do, but would like you to provide some examples of what they do better, aside from filling a larger room with more sound than bookshelf / monitors can/

I chose models that I think can compete with the yu6 imo. While the yu 6 is very good imo, I think that for example the sonys have better treble and are as you say more complete sounding. I personally think the eleac towers outperform in creating mid-range and a nice soundstage, the Polk has a much richer sound that’s relaxed imo, and more. It’s pretty much preference and what you want to focus on

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I was quite happy with my old ELAC 6.2s for mixed usage. I can recommend them quite easily and can be found on sale from time to time. It has great and full mids and if positioned correctly, can get convincing 3-D soundstage.

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Maybe you can hope for another incoming sale, but I think the 6.2s were down to $209 last weekend.

200$ atm

another thing to consider, he wants a “full” speaker setup, which to me implies more than stereo. Although i think others will agree that starting with a solid 2.1 for the 500$ and adding rears and center later, will net you much better long term.

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I agree Josh, a $500 2.0 system will benefit them net rewards in the long run as they can add other bits later, but be working off a a higher quality platform / base.


My personal recommendation would be to look at the Klipsch speakers. They can often be found on sale, even the towers. They have high sensitivity thus you can run them with a less powerful amplifier. They also tend to be voiced for a more enjoyable “party” sound so you can get away without a subwoofer with many of the larger models. I am a fanboy of the brand so my opinion is very biased towards them but that’s because I enjoy their sound signature with every genre. They are my personal “good enough”. Check my profile and you will see I also put my money behind my statement. Good luck whichever direction you go in.

I agree if they are available, as sometimes Klipsch can be more difficult to get in Europe

Klipsch are a real winner. it’s kinda sad now…we’re in such a good state of options that there are just too many and so many of them don’t get exposure or are forgotten because of the influx of new players and how good their products are.

I remember the rage in the mid-2000’s on how everyone wanted the Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia PC speakers.

Yeah, it’s just overwhelming to keep up with all the good stuff out there

Also I still have some ProMedia THX laying around somewhere, still pretty good desk speakers imo

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I could never afford them, but I scored a wicked deal on the Logitech 5.1 Z5300’s. funny enough though, I only ever used them as a 2.1 setup, LoL. then gave em to my mum n dad who never really used them, so ended up selling them for about the same I paid for them.