Building a Hybrid music/movie desktop set up

Is anyone else building their desktop set up end game for both movie and music watching?
I’ve been planning out my editing rig to accommodate comfortable at desk film viewing with a high end hdr enabled ips monitor and a pair of powered studio monitors.

I would just use a good PC on a really good TV or projector and then setup my home PC for it’s intended uses…work…surfing…audio…gaming. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately at the moment I dont really have the space to fit a new TV or projector though that’s in the cards for future plans. My current TV is a 13 year old 42 inch plasma that’s still good but out of date for what I need, which is screening 4k and hdr media.
The color correction monitor I’ve picked out can do everything I need plus the current desk and chair I have are super comfortable.

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then shift the HTPC to your desk, beside your gaming PC :wink: LoL!