Burr Brown Dacs, budget priced?

TL:DR version;
So, i have a very inexpensive ($50) Burr Brown chipset dac, and i was doing an A/B test directly against a much pricier DAC that uses mathematical formulas and magic to replicate the digital 1’s and 0’s my laptop and streaming services feed it to turn into music. suddenly i started to realize that sometimes i’m perfectly happy and even honestly prefer the sound i get out of the really cheap dac.
Now there is a really good explanation for this and i have to also mix amps and speakers up a bit too, BUT there is truth in what my ears are hearing and i want to learn more and better understand my own equipment. My headphones are allot more forgiving of poorly mastered music playing thru the expensive DAC, not so much my speakers tho. There is an upper end spectrum harshness present in many recordings that is hitting a nasty spot in my ears and i don’t like it. It’s a bit gritty and had me checking 4 sets of speakers for blown or failing tweeters, which is NOT what’s going on.

Anyway, give me some recommendations for Burr Brown chipset DACs under $1K+/-, I want to research them more.
Any help is much appreciated.

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Something like an ifi idsd micro bl might be something to try, as it’s a very good burr brown dac and also is a pretty insane portable

This is way over budget, but if you get the chance to try out the PrimaLuna EVO 100, it’s pretty awesome for what you might really enjoy

Parasound NewClassic 200 is also pretty good imo

Also unless you are dead set on a burr brown, the world of r2r is something to consider

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Yes, prima luna is always on my radar and i scour the used/sale adds for anything prima luna, especially that tube dac. Eventually it will be mine. In the meantime, i’m annoyed at the piss poor mastering of so much music out there. Like, it’s really bad and now i can hear how bad it is and i’m annoyed by it. I don’t want to go vinyl and analogue, i like digital for it’s ease of use, I just need to be able to swap dac’s easier for many songs. I actually want to downgrade 1 particular system🤣

TEAC UD-501 DAC, Music Hall DAC 25.3, Musical Surroundings MYDAC II also come to mind as very well done burr brown dacs

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Thank you for the references, you understand what i think is going on right? This Exogal Dac is good, real good. I think It’s it’s bringing out the flaws in allot of music tracks. None of my other dac’s do this. I don’t hear this much detail in the music, unfortunately with detail also come all the nasty’s. I may be wrong, and i need to re-wire some components and pick a few particularly irritating tracks to use as samples, but i think i’m onto something.

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Yeah, once you get a dac like that, it really isn’t forgiving of poor quality music

That being said, there are higher tier dacs that do sound higher tier but are not as harsh and sweeten up all music

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No, nope and no, i’m not gonna play that game, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl::crazy_face:hahaha, I’m as high tier as i’m going, i’ve been neglecting my other hobbies the past year. i just need to find the synergy between the different pieces i have and enjoy them for a while. I can make this work, i wanted to research some items tho in the meantime :muscle:

what is the cheap BB DAC you got for $50?

Glow audio dac 1.3 pretty sure its a copy of something Chinese made.

you got a good deal, being new they’re almost 3x that! :slight_smile:

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If you want the $20 with the BB 2704 chipset.

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Yep, that’s the one mine copies, humorously enough It sounds real good, solid value. I actually like it, that’s why i wanted some more recommendations.

I don’t question it, I’ll take a Burr Brown over a highly measured ESS.

Good luck on your search, peace be the journey.


Definitely a statement I can agree with lol :+1:

seems there are a number of sub-$100 BB DAC out there. how many of them are any good…is the question.

the SMSL SD793 has a burr brown dac and it sounds at least on par with my modi 3.

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I found my Burr brown DAC.



Huh, never heard of it before, seems pretty nice :+1:

The BluDento Bluetooth devices also have BurrBrown chips in them. Once I realized that I activated the DAC on mine and was surprised to hear just how good it sounds.

I pair allot of my budget pieces with klipsch speakers. One of the reasons I like Klipsch speakers so much is that they are very forgiving, in my eyes and my opinion, and play allot of poor quality source material well enough to really enjoy it. This is a subjective opinion and speaks to my efforts to get value out of my investments, YMMV. :hugs: