Burson Fun Headphone Amp

Sounds clean, much better then the magni I once had… not Rupert Neve level detail… but for $260… it’s much more powerful, can push my 600ohm DT990’s just fine @ 2 O’clock. :+1:

Cant wait to roll Op Amps…

330 mW at 300 ohms is a pretty powerful SE amp. Looks nice.

For reference, the Monolith 788 is 150 mW at 300 ohms SE, and the Massdrop 789 is 200 mW at 300 ohms SE. The Emotiva BasX A-100 is the only amp that I know can beat the SE output (not like this is a competition, just more like fun trivia) with 1.3W at 300 ohms.

IDK what it is about the A-100 but I’m just so glad I own it. Built like a tank, endless power. And I’ve yet to hook up my speakers to it.

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I have the Burson Fun-Classic and it VERY impressive to me. Most fans are split on the best opamp. Mine came with the Classics and I love them. To be fair I ordered a pair of Vivid opamps and tried them out for a few weeks, but I still preferred my Classic’s.

Power wise it has tons of power for me. I have very efficient headphones and I don’t listen real loud.

This was the first amp that I ever really loved. The sound is amazing, to me.

TBH, I have had some quality issues. During my last “issue”, The dealer refused to respond to my emails and the manufacturer only replied a week later. Coincidentally a day after I went public on Headfi, I got a response. The resolution was disappointing, but effective.

I still LOVE this amp, but I may replace it with the Monoprice THX AAA 887 in eight weeks.

Shane D

Resurrecting a thread from quite a whole ago. I have two strong feelings about this amp:

  1. The sound, particularly with the Classic opamps, is awesome!
  2. Quality and reliability is NOT a Burson trademark.

They are like a BMW in that they look great and work awesome! When they work.

I have had a few issues that culminated in me receiving and installing a new PCB today. Man there are a TON of screws! I was so afraid of breaking something it was nerve wracking. The volume knob came off eventually. I caused a few small marks on the knob and frame, but black marker to the rescue. :slight_smile:

I was VERY curious to see if it would work after I got it all back together and it actually does! :laughing:

I binged on the weekend with The Blues Brothers. I haven’t really thought about them in decades, but I was browsing Blues and it was a super deal. And of course it sounds great on D30>Burson Fun Classic>Vanatoo T Zeroes.

Two pics. The bare board is the replacement and the one in the case had to come out.

Just for trivia, 22 screws in total.