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  • RNHP barely used.
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The Fostex Ebony peaked my interest, do you have any photos of them?


WTB Yamaha hp-1 headphones

I’ll cover shipping!

Need as many as I can get


Bumping with some price changes

Sold - Tangzu Wu Zetian - $105
Dunu est 112 - $290
Jabra elite 65t - $20
Mojo + poly leather case - $20
Mojo shell - $10
Kinboofi cable - $10
Mpow + taotronics - $20

*SOLDSelling OG Nighthawk that has been restored.

Headband has been re-sewed with new fabric on the bottom, OG leather on top. Brand new pads installed: the hybrid pads which were only on the OG. Has OG case and packaging. OG 1/4 adapter. The only thing that isn’t OG is the cable. Sending them with a Hart cable (no interconnects) and a generic dual 2.5 to 3.5 cable.

Great functioning headphones. Only issue to speak of is the little marks on the cups. Not really sure exactly what happened. They’ve been like that since I’ve owned them (couple of years). There like semi-circles and there is one on each cup, but in different locations. Doesn’t impact function at all, and they are hardly noticeable, but they exist.

More images found here:

Asking $265 shipped to you in the USA.


TRADED* Selling a really nice set of Ether 2s. Comes with all the original packaging and certificate of authenticity, 2 cables (2.5 and 4 pin XLR), OG Case, and 4 sets of pads. Pads are all in good condition except for the suede-like pads which are usable, but showing some some wear.

These are legitimately the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. The design and build are phenomenal. Smooth laid-back sound. Great for pop, edm, electronica and that type of stuff, but doesn’t suite me for acoustic which is mainly what I listen to.

Here’s some more photos: Ether 2 - Album on Imgur

Price is $999 shipped to you in the USA.



  • Topping LA90 - $750
    * TGX Ear Red Serratus w/ Hiegi Foams - $160
  • Sony NW-A55 Black/Graphite (no box just cable, protective case, and the dap) - $100
    * JDS Labs Atom DAC+ (no box just dac and cables) - $50 or free with one of the above purchases

Great deals here! That Sony is super tempting at that price. GLWS

always pondered this one… I need to thin out about 6 pairs out before I chase it !

Seeaudio x Crinacle Midnight $120 Head Fi listing
Focus EDM $75 Head Fi listing

Dongle DAC/Amp’s
Xduoo Link2 Bal $100 Head Fi listing
Questyle M15 $185 Head Fi listing

Price includes shipping by USPS. CONUS only


interest check on Harmonicdyne Zeus and Poseidon, basically new since I just haven’t taken them out of their cases much

Burson Soloist 3XP $700 (comes w/supercharger, 1st owner, cooling stand, will throw in XLR cables) - SOLD
Adcom GFA-555 II $400 (discount for local/Tampa sale)
Soncoz LA-QXD1 $115 (Will throw in XLR cables as an extra)
Rosson RAD-0 $1250 (original case, cables, Hart balanced cable)
Earthworks Icon $250 (open box from Earthworks. Hooked up once)
Only trade I’m interested in is a Sony A7C camera (or higher)
(Paypal fees on me, shipping on you)
AVExchange Listing


That’s a great price for the soloist 3xp. GLWTS



Chord Poly.


Chord Mojo. Excellent condition, with original packaging/documentation. £SOLD (I pay PayPal fees), plus shipping. I’ve just bought a Mojo 2 and, as good as this still sounds, I can’t justify keeping both…

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:stop_sign:SOLD ON HEADFI:stop_sign:
DROP + THX AAA 789~$140~
Looking to sale my THX 789 amp. Fully fuctionally,everything working great,sound is clean. Do not need this much power and something the size of the unit so I’m stepping down some. Amp has been taken care of very well. Comes with WBC RCA and Snake Oil XLR patch cables. Power brick/supply and bag. Will ship very securely. Thanks

Looking to sell my Blon B20s w/ pelican case for $220 shipped continental US. Let me know if you’re interested!

Greetings hifiguides,

Looking to sell some of my recently acquired equipment to recoup some cash.

Price includes the PayPal Goods and Services fee and shipping to CONUS.

FIR Audio M4

Available is my Fir Audio M4 for sale. Overall the iems are good condition and they come with their leather case, tips and it’s 4.4mm terminated cable with mmcx connectors.

Photo Album: Fir m4 - Album on Imgur

Price: $985

Dunu EST 112

Selling my EST 112 in good condition. Very small blemishes on the front plates. Comes with Case, cable with interchangeable tips ( 2.5,3.5,4.4 ,6.3 adapter, airplane adapter, set of tips, cleaning cloth and documentation. Comes with BONUS NiceHCK mesh bag to protect the iems on the go.

Photo Album: Dunu est 112 - Album on Imgur

Bonus: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Price: $300

Jabra Elite 65t

This Bluetooth earbuds saw very little use. However, the left earpiece stopped working. Selling it with just the earbuds and charging case.

Photo Album: Jabra elite 65t - Album on Imgur

Price: $25

Chord Mojo Poly Case

Photo Album: Mojo poly case - Album on Imgur

Price: $30

Chord Mojo Case Shell

Photo Album: Mojo case shell - Album on Imgur

Price: $10

Kinboofi 6 Core Silver Plated Earphone Cable Black 2PIN Detachable 2.5mm balanced

SOLD Price: $12

Photo: KINBOOFI cable - Album on Imgur

Taotronics TT-bh041

These didnt see much use, they are in excellent condition. They come as you see in the pictures (without the headphone stand).

Photo Album: Taotronics - Album on Imgur

Price: $10

Hart Audio headphone cable IC-1

IC-1: 1/4" TRS
Length: 1 foot
Photo: Hart Audio - Album on Imgur
SOLD Price: $13

Wow! Some killer deals to be had there. Good luck, bro!

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trying to clear out some IEM’s, selling in bundles of at least 2, the more you want the better price I’ll offer, they all should have OG box and accessories.
Tripowin Olina
Reecho & Peacock Audio Spring
7HZ Eternal (4.4mm)
Truthear x Crinicle Zero
QKZ x HBB Khan
Raptgo Hook-x
Focus EDM (vocal)
7HZ Dioko
Unique Melody 3DT Terminator