Buying a headphone amp from Aoshida HiFi-US on Amazon. It's bad

Hello everyone, I just want to share my experience of buying things from Aoshida HiFi-US on Amazon. I have a thx 887 for my 6xx and focal clear, and I wanna have a try on the topping a90 after watching many of the reviews of it. So, I ordered a used a90 on amazon. The package came today and the box of the amp is really messed up. I opened it up, and guess what, it didn’t even come with the right product. I got another used 887 (cover in minor dust and stain)in the topping a90 box. Bummer.

But that’s not the end of my story, I wrote a review on the seller page, but it got crossed off on the page, written: “Message from Amazon: This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.” And on the right side of the page, it shows the feedback of the seller. They have only 3% negative review lifetime, and 0% negative in 90 days. So, I scrolled through all the reviews, and very conveniently pretty much all of the reviews that are not 5 or 4 stars got crossed off saying the message above. And later that day the seller of the Aoshida HiFi-US contacted me, asking me for pictures of the 887 they “mistakenly” sent me. I told them I own an 887 and wanna have a try on the a90, and I sent a picture of my 887 and the one that they sent me to try to prove I didn’t try to scam them and swap the amp out. Guess what’s the response is, the seller asked me (twice) if I can please not return the 887 to amazon, and refund what I paid minus $300. I don’t understand. I have already shown you I have an 887 and are you trying to sell me to buy another one? That doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, that’s the end of my story. I don’t want to assume that the Aoshida HiFi-US intentionally pack the wrong items, and trying to sell people to buy them. It can very well be amazon’s fault for packing the wrong item. But from what I saw that is crossed off in the amazon seller review page and my own experience, I don’t really feel comfortable buying things from them anymore.


Not Amazon packs the goods but the retailer itself.The Amazon boxes must be purchased or are provided.
Amazon itself packs only goods that they have in their warehouse.
Everything else makes the dealer who puts the item for sale.
Also the support is usually worse under such conditions.

For the next time do not mention that you already have things.
Say that it is a wrong delivery.
If necessary with photo that’s it.

The dealer can now possibly interpret it so that you are in possession of the same amplifier and that is defective.
Watch out if you buy through Amazon if the dealer comes from the Asian region.
This always leads to problems, most do not want to accept a return because of costs.
And secondly, there are now relatively many scammers and Amazon can do almost nothing against it.

Buy better always from reputable dealers where also the reversal is normal, without the additional costs.
If but at Amazon pay attention to what it is for a dealer and research a bit thenach.

As a small tip, the dealer who sells on Amazon often offers its goods on its website cheaper than on Amazon.
This is because Amazon always wants to have a piece of the pie if the dealer sells successfully, at the expense of the buyer.

Amazon is far from what it used to be, similar to Ebay back then. Even the support there is now the lowest dignity.

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Like @Deleeh says, treat every package in a bubble. You don’t own anything related to the package, you have just this one order open, etc.

Also: Amazon may have “ready to ship” products from a seller in their warehouse. On order, they then grab that stocked product from storage and ship it out. Amazon has very little idea (and frankly, does not care) what they handle.


contact amazon customer service provide prrof and screenshot their messages. I believe this is afgainst amazon TOS as you techinically did not get your order fulfilled as you got the wrong thing. aazon customer service are among some of the best Ii’ve encountered and should be able to provide some help. my favorite method is live chat don;t bother withemails. emails take time and are often annoying . live chat see,s to fall under customer pressure much easier and tend to be more willing to help from my experience. trust me I’ve gotten away with some accidental free stuff.

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I agree. I am not too worry about the returning process because I bought the amp with amazon prime, and the amp does certify on amazon free return. I just want to share the experience I had.


Just get on it asap. If it comes to it i would also speak to my card company as if things really go bad you may want to pursue a charge back and you may only have limited time to do that option.