Buying guide stickies

I’m thinking it might be an idea to create some what to buy stickies for the different sub-forums.

create the lists based on some specifications that influence buying decisions?

  • Z recommended (with a lil excerpt why he thinks they are worthy)
  • price
  • sound profile / genre’s it’s good for
  • open or closed back
  • driver type
  • wear styles like over / on ear, earbud or in ear
  • connections (plug size, single ended, balanced, Bluetooth, USB, fixed / detachable)
  • headband type (including things like whether they’re true wireless buds or connecting cable)

and to help make it easier to communicate all the info easily, use known acronyms or whatever. as some random examples:

Brainwavz Alara - $350 / EDM / CL / PL / OE / 3.5 SE DT / not sure what you would call this headband, but there are different kind’s like suspension etc.

We’d obviously need a few different features referenced for things like speakers, DACs n amps, but you get the general idea?

I’m sorry but that’s way too confusing and I don’t think it would really be necessary imo. That’s why hifiguides exists in my mind (the regular site not the fourms). I do recommendations based on info that the other party gives me and go from there. If I’m going to help someone I want to make sure I get it right, and not really go off of guidelines. If someone wants this info, you can just provide that if they ask, but provide info regardless it if you think it will be a downside to the individual

it’s an idea that needs to be built and refined. it’s a short list, not a master list and as an example of refinement, best to have it broken up to a few options by price range and a diddly about why. perhaps then links to Zeos’ review and product page. perhaps a lil diddly about why these are so good.

$100 - $200:
Drop / HifiMan HE-4xx
Drop / Sennheiser HD58x

$200 - $300:
Drop / Senn HD6xx
Monolith M1060C

what made me think of this is just how horrible the tool for headphone recommendations on the home page is. we should probably make a thread on how that can be refined too. :wink: I don’t think its that bad, I would say pretty simple and get’s the job done of narrowing down what someone might want and what they can afford. I would rather suggest improvements to that instead of messing around with a short list or stickys

it’s way too simple and the price slide is buggy as heck. I tried to get it to give me $500 only…and when I did, it gave me options that weren’t anywhere in the price bracket selected.

I think it has potential to be good, but I agree it is a bit buggy atm. I guess a slightly outdated “competitor” might be This design works, but lacks info. If the current hifiguides design was improved I feel it could accomplish what you might want. I feel the forum should be for more active discussion and personalized help or info, rather then a list of what would work in the price range

the point of the sticky is a reference to help. by giving examples, people that have no clue can start looking at things and building general knowledge. not creating a definitive master list or anything of the sort. and being this is a Zeos forum, it makes sense that Z approved models would be mentioned. heck, the sticky could simply be a list of Z’s most favored and listed by price, a link to his opening / review / sound demo. and if we wanted to go a bit further, put down options for planar / dynamic and then open / closed backs.

Isn’t that just the official threads for headphones tbh? Also think the main site has links to his reviews

Another thing is that we shouldn’t get people to think that because of a certain aspect a headphone is “better” or something like that. Like people thinking that planar is all that they would want, even if they may end up preferring a headphone that’s dynamic. Education is important, but since this hobby is so subjective, information and opinions might differ from person to person.

General knowledge is another hard one to tackle as knowledge is experience imo in this hobby. You can learn about what open back vs closed back means and everything, but actually listening to the differences is another thing, and that’s the hard part. I think there are sufficient resources already out there for basic info, so possibly compiling them into a thread could be helpful, but they already exist elsewhere, so I don’t see it as super necessary in my mind

well…hopefully others will speak up.

but if this is the general consensus…how about a glossary, LoL! :wink: