Cable Suggestions for Focal Elex

I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a replacement balanced cable for the Elex. I have recently ordered one and have heard that the stock cable is not very good and does not last long. I know some people recommend Periapt cables. However, I have never really liked the look of the materials that are used. I don’t need crazy expensive ones but would like to get one that doesn’t look as if I could make it after a few hours of cussing.

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Firstly you don’t need to replace it, it’s a terrible cable, a pain in the ass, and I replaced mine, but I used the original for about 6 weeks.
I got mine from I think his lead time is still about 3 weeks.

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If you feel like you want an XLR cable before you try out the stock cable for yourself knock yourself out.

Here are some of the cheaper balanced cables I’ve encountered. On Amazon, KK or NewFantasia/Sukira balanced cables go for around $50. I don’t have a KK but the NewFantasia might make things sound a tad brighter. I have no science to back that claim.

Otherwise these for Beyers would work, but are a tad pricey:

If you don’t mind paracord and waiting a month or so, I second, – what I use for most of my headphones, you can choose do something custom if you want as well.

It is easy to makes the own Cable.
For my Denon Ah D7200 i makes myself.
I have buy the Furtech connector, two mono connectors 3,5 mm,and the Viablue Cable.The expensiv thing are the Furutech connector.The Viablue cable was not expensiv an is a pretty good cable.
It is easy to make self.

Hart Audio does great work. Another option is periapt cables. I got 1/4in and XLR cables for my focal cans from them before Hart started in business.

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Yeah, I’d definitely endorse Hart Audio as well. =) Very nice cables. He is definitely a bit backed up now… but I think the stock cables on the Elex are good enough to use in the meantime… And I don’t think you can beat the prices of Hart Audio for the quality you get.


I have been away for awhile so didn’t get a chance to respond. Thank you for all of the comments. Anybody able to post some pictures of their cables from Hart Audio? I see he is willing to do custom cables as well. I am curious of anyone that has requested some custom cables and how they turned out and how they looked and felt.

Once again thanks for the help.

You’ll see examples on this thread. They do custom, but it will more likely take a little longer. You’ll know it’s a Hart Audio cable with the signature red color, but there may be some other colors in that thread.

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