Cables to beyerdynamic dt 1990 pro. Will something like this work?!

I have dt 1990 pro. My amp/dac is aune S6 pro.
Will that cable trick work or I will just fry the amp?!
Btw.Cables from hart audio.

  1. HC-4: 3-Pin Mini XLR (Female) Headphone Cable
    Link above.Desription:
    Enjoy a balanced music listening experience with the IC-3 4-Pin XLR interconnect. Common on most balanced output Headphone amplifiers. Terminates to a male 4-pin Mini-XLR, compatible with all of our headphone cable designs.
    Bassically 4 pin to 4 pin
  2. HC-4: 3-Pin Mini XLR (Female) Headphone Cable

The HC-4 is a single ended (keep this in mind when choosing what to pair it with from our IC line) 3-pin mini-XLR to a female 4-pin mini-XLR. Most notably compatible with many AKG headphone designs.

  • Single Ended
  • 3-pin mini-XLR to female 4-pin mini XLR

Ok. So can I connect 3 pin to beyerdynamic using hc-4 cable and then to 4 pin in other cable (ic3) and then connect the other 4 pin xrl to my amp.
Will it fry my amp or damage in any way?

The 1990 isn’t balance so should only be used with single ended outputs on your amps. Hart’s design will allow it to physically connect but could cause issues and it why there’s that caveat.

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