Calling out to all you handy people and cable makers

I know this idea is easier said than done but wouldn’t this be a great idea?

I know that ursine had made the cable that terminated at the y with a minixlr so that the main cable could be swapped. However the issue is that mini xlr can be kind of heavy and not look as great.

I’m currently having y cables made by capistrano cables and main cables made by hart.

However, wouldn’t 4.4 or 2.5 connectors work much better? I know the pin out is more difficult than mini xlr and the issue that they don’t hold as well it hear me out.

If you’re hand enough. Couldn’t you buy male and female 2.5 mm connectors like these ones and then just make some housings for them that are threaded so that you could just screw them together?

CESS 2.5mm 4-Pole Stereo TRRS Jack Socket Cables Connectors - 2.5mm 4 Pole Jack (20 Pack)

Then the cable would be like this,

Headphone connector > y cable > y cable terminates in a threaded 2.5 female > 2.5 male inserted and threaded over > basically any termination you need for your source.

I mean theoretically this would be much lighter and if you make it right, when they are threaded together, they would basically look just like a hardware split.

I’m not super handy but I feel like this could be done if you were handy and it would be legit! All the benefit of hart and ursine cables but so much less cumbersome. I would personally buy the shit out of these cables.


The problem with all those jack-plugs is that in their compact form makes loose/bad contacts easier to happen.

The next problem: I don’t know of any screw-in female jack. So unless SommerCable (Hicon), Cliff or Neutrik monitor this forum, we are stuck in the planning phase.

Just throwing this out there…

Magnetic USB-C type adapter, perhaps, if you really wanted a premium specialized cable.

RJ11 plastic jacks. Nice 4 wire old-school land-line telephone jack.

Instead of the heavy Rean mini-xlr, use the plastic ones that are about half the weight.

I think it wouldn’t be super hard to make a housing for them them. Like the female housing overlaps the male housing to screw together. Like the jacks are normal male and female but the housing act kinda like bolts and nuts the slide over one another to screw on.

You could even make these with wood. It would make the housings a little heavier but I still think If done right could be smaller and look better than minixlrs

Does it have to be screw-on? Wouldn’t it be easier to make an RCA-style sleeve, maybe with a couple of spring clips on the inside for a firmer grip?

Yeah I guess that could work just as well. Screw on would just be the cleanist look. Like when the housing were together it would just look like a wooden or eidolic split.

But yeah your idea would be much easier ha.

I understand that mini xlr is just more reliable but 2.5 or 4.4 would just have a smaller cleaner look and be lighter.

If it worked i think people would buy them up. I would. And it would still have the benefit of swapping the bottom cable to balanced or unbalanced connections.

Without a lathe, it will be super hard to make :stuck_out_tongue:

True. My brother has a lathe. I could probably make housings. I’m just not good at the cable building or soldering part haha.