Cambridge Audio - who knows what they're like?

does anyone here know what their current gen Minx 12 and Minx 22 sound like? we have a thread about the Minx XL and how they are good value for what they are, but there’s been no other discussion about their speakers.

I find it amusing that the vast majority of their hardware is well over $1000 USD, but their speakers are literally cheap as borscht.

we should probably start an official thread…but their new DacMagic 200M has been well received and apparently the A/B headphone amp inside it is quite capable according to a couple reviews.

Not sure on their speakers, but their speaker amps are great. I love my CXA81, i was really worried about a compromised amp section going with an integrated but they deliver.

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what kind of sound signature does CA equipment have? warm? neutral?

I find it quite interesting that there is next to nothing out there for reviews on CA’s speakers, especially their newer / current gen.

I would say a pretty much neutral, upper mids have maybe just a touch of forwardness but you really have to be listening. The dynamics are what standout to me, it never feels like its catching up to the music or lacking for punch. Even complicated passages sound really well defined.

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Amps are good and should have lots of reviews as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for anything specific?

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well…I want to go from my active Kanto YU6 bookshelf speakers to passive with a focus of playing orchestral / classical / instrumental / epic music. so I’m just absorbing as much info about all the options out there.

many years ago…like 8…I heard the Cambridge Minx and being the ignorant neophyte I was, thought they sounded good. I worked at a store with a focus on astronomy and next door was a high end audio reseller, so when things were slow / boring, I’d go over and they’d play something for me. the placement likely was never optimal, but I was always wowed. I did not have the ear I do now, so I couldn’t appreciate the speakers, amps, subs that were tens or hundreds of thousands, but I always enjoyed myself.

personality wise, I have always liked the outliers…not the mainstream and brands in the public’s consciousness. not that Sony / Denon / Yamaha / Pioneer don’t have good stuff, it’s just not new / different and good.

YouTubers like Zero Fidelity and Steve Guttenberg might probably will have a review on most interesting stuff:P

But the best option is always to go and hear stuff at a HiFi store :stuck_out_tongue:

B&W would probably suit classical very well or KEF. Both are known for very detailed sound, which is perhaps a bit “cold” for vocals and rock but excels in detail and imaging. Ofc amps can change things :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey 22…can you define / explain what you meant by ‘complicated passages’ with the clip you linked to?

also, I could not listen to that, it got so busy / chaotic that I began to get annoyed and I felt my heart rate start to go up and a wave of anxiety come over me. that was a weird experience, LoL!

Both Cambridge Amps and Speakers are warm, My 2 Cambridge Amps are warmer than my Arcam amp.
I have Minx XL and SX50, they are both warm speakers, kind of like Wharfedale, very nice.

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thanks for the reply! :smiley:

do you use the MINX XL as satellite for a home theater? what amp are you using and do you have a sub with them?

Here are my current setups.

Living Room-Cambridge Audio AXA35, Schiit Modi 3+ DAC, Cambridge Minx XL Bookshelves
Office-Cambridge Audio AXA25, Schiit Modi 3+ DAC, Cambridge Audio SX50 bookshelves
Bedroom- Arcam SA10, Martin Logan Dynamo 400 Sub, had Minx XL speakers… Upgraded to Wharfedale Dentons.

I’m mostly a stereo music person, not a HT person. Both the Minx XL and SX50 are Neutral Warm and are very easy to drive.

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