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I had signed up to be alerted when these were back in stock, and just got an email today that they were. When I clicked on the link, it still lists them as out of stock, so maybe they are working it out. I was probably going to pick these up a few months back, but now that I own the Eikons I think I’m glad that they weren’t available because I like the Eikons an awful lot. In any case, even though you can’t buy them just yet I expect you will be able to soon if interested.

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Same with me. I am not directly in the market for them, but I was curious about availability.

They must be having real problems getting parts.

Their page mentions something about a cosmetic logo redesign:


They don’t get much love around here so I’ll drop my 2 cents. I’ve spent close to a week with them and they’ve been treating me well, and by well I mean slapping me across the face with BASS repeatedly every time I wear them. That was the whole point of getting them so no complaints there. They’re pretty portable and on paper they’re easy to drive but my Shangling UP2 can’t get the thump/slam as much as my desk setup. They still sound great but it’s a much more gentle, less murderous bassy slap in the face.

Aesthetically they look good but I wish the headband arch around the head wasn’t so wide and hugged my head more cause it can look a bit silly at times. The pads are very comfortable. Sound-wise I wanted something different than my Elex and I definitely got it. Slightly less focused mids and much more low-end. The Elex clips at low frequencies when the volume is turned up so I think the Cascade complements it well. They both have great treble in my opinion and the Elex does sound more wide/airier cause ‘open vs closed’.

Overall I def recommend if you can find one used for around 500 and it’s different enough from what you already have.


Lol well you want portable bass, you want cascades lol. They get really crazy with something like a micro black label, insane bass. You can also find used ifi idsd micro (non black label for a good price too)

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haha I know! The bass difference between my small portable dac/amp and my Archel is very noticeable. Now I’m considering upgrading the Shangling… Ugh the rabbit hole never ends! LOL

Can you strap a dac/amp on the back of your phone lol?

Judging from the pictures it does seem way bulkier than a tiny little Bluetooth receiver lol
I guess the tradeoff is portability/convenience for POWAH

Oh no, I’m talking about the micro black label lol, that is the nano bl, a bit bigger than that lol. But 4 watts at 16 ohms isn’t bad for a portable, it’s essentially a portable desktop amp and dac

Oh, yeah it’s a big boy.

Hmmm yeah, it should be more than plenty. The UP2 does 67mw output power and it gets close to what I want but not quite there.

It’s really worth lol. But if you wanted smaller and high quality the chord mojo is a good pick

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These are next on my list, if I don’t get distracted. :smirk:

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The Cascades are back in stock for those looking. I got an email today, but I am going to hold off myself.

@BoomShroom still a good buy now? I’m looking for my techno/ bass music cans, not much on the forums about them

Does anyone know if the only thing they changed was making the Campfire Audio logo matte black?

@11_Clouds If what you’re looking for is FAT bass without sacrificing solid all-around technicalities then I definitely think you should consider it. It also depends on your budget because it retails for 800 but I would advise being patient and snatching one up for around 500 to 600 depending on the included accessories. They just started selling them again so last time I checked there weren’t a lot of used ones.

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@M0N :pleading_face:

I’m loving the description of these and it sounds like a great daily driver and since you owned a cascade and a 1990 how would you rank them technicality wise compared to 1990, specially directional imaging, speed, and detail.

I read that you rank them above 177x but maybe lower than an eikon?
Also are they good with mainstream music specially metal dnb electronic and rap and not reveal as much flaws in the recordings?

The 1990 is more spacious but the cascade can sometimes have more depth, imaging is good on both but slight edge to the 1990, the campfire actually might be quicker sometimes depending on the amp, and detail wise imo they are on a similar tier but the cascade can present detail in a less aggressive and harsh way

Sounds about right

Very good for that, they are very fun cans for that genre and use case, something you can enjoy without having flaws shoved down your throat like the 1990 lol


Nice thanks. Love how they look too.