Campfire Audio Comet

anyone have a pair and how do you rate it?..interested in a single BA to help build up my understanding of how iem driver configurations work and sound like? :beers:

If you want to hear a really good single ba iem, the Etymotic ER4XR would be a good choice. I have heard the comet and it is good, but I would prefer the er4xr imo. But Also would be curious to see some comet owners opinion

Cool thanks…i’m looking to get The FiiO FH7 :eyes: as they seem to punch up a couple of dollar classes above their weight…but sometimes keeping things simple and well built has a cheeky way of keeping things real…and do like the look of them lol

Two totally different reviewers same conclusion? yeah I know a year ago but…

I got the Campfire Comet’s and they are great. I think they are very clear and easy going and as they come with a cable with a microphone, I use them with my mobile phone as my quick on-the-go choice.
They are ment to hang straight down, but I think it is possible to waer them over the ear. (And I like to have a decent cable with a microphone for phone usage).

For the price I think they are an easy choice.
They are to the warm side and I know some people hear a hiss at low volume, but I haven’t experienced that.

The first pair I bought disasempled on the right headphone, so I had to send them back. But the new pair is quite fine.

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Since I happened to like the tuning of the Meze Rai Penta, I’d be curious to know how the Rai Solo would do in a comparison of single BA IEMs:

I can say the Westone Wx single driver BA wasn’t the worst for listening to podcasts and random YouTube when nothing else was available.

I recently discovered Shanling MTW100 which is a single Knowles BA TWS, was intrigued and placed an order, wonder how they’ll sound…has anyone heard it… @Ohmboy i also have that curiosity of having an all BA set… if the set is half gud as Comet or EX4SR i am done searching for BA set for a while