Campfire Audio Comet

anyone have a pair and how do you rate it?..interested in a single BA to help build up my understanding of how iem driver configurations work and sound like? :beers:

If you want to hear a really good single ba iem, the Etymotic ER4XR would be a good choice. I have heard the comet and it is good, but I would prefer the er4xr imo. But Also would be curious to see some comet owners opinion

Cool thanks…i’m looking to get The FiiO FH7 :eyes: as they seem to punch up a couple of dollar classes above their weight…but sometimes keeping things simple and well built has a cheeky way of keeping things real…and do like the look of them lol

Two totally different reviewers same conclusion? yeah I know a year ago but…

I got the Campfire Comet’s and they are great. I think they are very clear and easy going and as they come with a cable with a microphone, I use them with my mobile phone as my quick on-the-go choice.
They are ment to hang straight down, but I think it is possible to waer them over the ear. (And I like to have a decent cable with a microphone for phone usage).

For the price I think they are an easy choice.
They are to the warm side and I know some people hear a hiss at low volume, but I haven’t experienced that.

The first pair I bought disasempled on the right headphone, so I had to send them back. But the new pair is quite fine.

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Since I happened to like the tuning of the Meze Rai Penta, I’d be curious to know how the Rai Solo would do in a comparison of single BA IEMs:

I can say the Westone Wx single driver BA wasn’t the worst for listening to podcasts and random YouTube when nothing else was available.

I recently discovered Shanling MTW100 which is a single Knowles BA TWS, was intrigued and placed an order, wonder how they’ll sound…has anyone heard it… @Ohmboy i also have that curiosity of having an all BA set… if the set is half gud as Comet or EX4SR i am done searching for BA set for a while

Got my Campfire Audio Comet’s :comet:

How do they sound… Like someone put two speakers in a room that was perfect for them and then sat you down in front of them. The bass is clear and fast. The mids and highs are super clear. It seems to be “flat” it presents your music very naturally warm and immersive and makes you feel like your just chilling to speakers. The one thing I have noticed is they like power I set my Fiio M11 To Hi-Gain. The Build is Great I like the case they come with the cable is ok (Time for more Hart Cables) Comfort is good I have odd ears so it’s a battle to find IEM’s that work.

Comparison to Ikko OH10

The Ikkos and Comet’s feel like brother and sister I would be hard pressed to figure out what one is what if you blind tested me. That being said the Ikkos hurt me after prolonged use of more than four hours. I do think the Ikko’s bass is different little bit more pronounced and make them not so “flat” sounding.

For now these are my endgame IEM’s till I save some more money for some CIEM’s

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So my campfire audio comets started having a odd Static/Cracking Sound in both headphones I had tried them in many sources including Fiio M11/Macbooks/Phones/FIIO BTR3. I was using the stock cable and marshmallow tips for the set up. But was unable to fix them so I contacted campfire with the warranty info and that day they told me to send them in so I did. A hour after the tracking info said my old ones where delivered they had sent me an email saying that they where sending a pair out to me. I picked them up today thinking I would get a manufacturer’s rebuilt set. Turns out it was a brand new never used set. So Well done campfire audio :clap: