Campfire Audio Honeydew and Satsuma

New “budget” sets…


I just told myself I was done with IEMs for a while… Bright orange single dynamic looks pretty tasty at that price.

These look rad - looking forward to some reviews!

hm, I’m not that excited… Have you guys seen the FR for them?

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Honeydew looks like a bassy boi.

that Satsuma FR is the most neutral looking FR I can think of seeing in quite some time.

Yeah I though that might be interesting, until I saw that it’s a BA set and there are no vents whatsoever. I imagine these will create a vacuum in my ear strong enough to pull my eardrums out :confused:.

Pretty much all BA iems are ventless.

That’s why I don’t do BA iems. The other one is a DD but the FR graph doesn’t interest me that much tbh.