Campfire Audio Saber

Thought I would create a thread for this little guy and see if we can get impressions going.

Info below:

Slice through the fatigue of sonic sameness!

Unique driver selection, arrangement, and exceptional interior acoustic design; Saber offers you an exciting escape to a new sonic experience. Its ergonomic form factor offers compact comfort and extended listening sessions without fatigue.

Saber is an impressive conversation piece and stylish expression of your aural daring. Fresh, exciting, and deeply rewarding; this new hybrid is a highlight of any collection. Limited to 1000 units globally.

Dynamic Duo

Dual drivers meld into sonic bliss.

Two brand-new dynamic drivers headline this 3 driver hybrid design. D8, an 8mm DD creates a rich, responsive low-end. D6, a 6mm DD provides detailed, relaxed mids. Together they blend seamlessly to create a rich and engaging experience. The razor-sharp highs are delivered from a single laser-focused balanced armature that rounds out the trio.

With Saber, listening boredom is a thing of the past; an intimate, engaging signature that is equally full of dynamism and energy.


It looks interesting. It’s good to see manufacturers trying something different rather than the regular driver layout.

I’m a sucker for Damascus steel… would want to hear feedback though. I for one have not been enthralled by any CA I’ve heard. (Haven’t tried Andromeda)

The tech looks like it could be put to use, they seem to be tuning with a treble leaning though?

Is there a graph that shows the tuning? Or is that from people that have heard it?

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I can’t find a graph, but on their product page they have “stat bars” for the different frequency zones.

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I’m sure folks will be able to graph it after it ships on the 21st.

That usually comes from people that have heard it, or get review units in.

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Any info on price?

$500 from the Campfire site.

Interesting, not the first multi DD unit I’ve seen popping up in recent days. Could this be the new direction for hybrid IEM’s?

The Unique Melody 3DT is the only decent multi-DD I know of.

The Vision Ears Elysium is a TOTL, but unique because it uses a DD for it’s mids ~ most folks use a BA.

I really hope it is ~ we need more creativity in the space, and companies like Campfire, Dunu, and Unique Melody who are willing to take risks to strike gold, are going to lead the way.

You should check out the Serial as far as decent multi-DD